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Has anyone done Press Release and has it been useful?

Discussion in 'General Internet Marketing' started by ayushpant, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. ayushpant

    ayushpant Affiliate affiliate


    I was wondering if anyone of you guys have done a Press Release, and if its been any good to you?

    Also, on what PR resources you recommend the most. From free to paid. And, if you guys have received quality traffic from a PR release.

    I was wondering if I should do that for one of my content heavy sites. Inputs greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your time.
  2. terraleads
  3. Arun Lakhera

    Arun Lakhera Affiliate affiliate

    Submitting Press Releases really helps in increasing quality traffic. I get traffic for our web sites with this exercise. I have never used a paid site.
  4. ayushpant

    ayushpant Affiliate affiliate

    Firstly, thanks for your reply Arun. Really appreciate it. I was looking for first hand information on people who have done this.

    Now, do you mind sharing on where you do your Free PR Releases? I am more into PPC Marketing. Just getting into the PR Release game. The biggest reason of the PR release is that I planning on having weekly give aways on my website. So, it definitely deserves some good PR and targeted traffic.

    Thanks for your inputs.
  5. iceforever.diamonds

    iceforever.diamonds New Member

    i've done it... well this does not only helps your site when it comes to traffic, but with keywords, organic content as well
  6. Chris83

    Chris83 New Member

    I've had mixed results from this. The PR can certainly help get some content up and running about your site and if the PR system allows you to seed it with Key Words it can work out nicely, but I've used a number of free and paid services and generally been unimpressed with the results.

    I'm presently using these guys

    Free Press Release Service Distribution | 24-7PressRelease.com

    Though I have not used any of their paid services yet.


  7. ayushpant

    ayushpant Affiliate affiliate


    Thanks for the advice. I am sure that for some people it has had great results, and for some people bad, and mixed for some.

    Right now, I am working on getting a press release together, and would be doing one first thing Monday morning next week.

    I am sure everyone has heard about PRWeb. I was thinking of going with them for the first one. Any suggestions?
  8. Julia15

    Julia15 New Member

    Press Releases can be extremely helpful in generating traffic and publicity for your site. If written properly (SEO-optimized) they can be picked up by a variety of great news sources and sites that you might not usually reach.

    PRWeb is the company that we use most - I think prices start at $40.
  9. ayushpant

    ayushpant Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the reply Julia. Sorry, I am responding to this post a bit late. Yeah, PRWeb is a great for press release. I was wondering if anyone has a directory of most effective PR sites that mean business and generate great traffic.
  10. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me

  11. ClickboothB

    ClickboothB Affiliate affiliate

    Not only should your press release be optimized and well-written but it must also be extremely newsworthy. The media are constantly on the look out for releases with an interesting angle that will provide the base for a story or story concept. Try to give your release a unique angle that will make it stand out. For example, if you are writing about a new Web site, try to tie it in with an emerging trend (i.e new "green" site focus on a section detailing solar powered products and tie it in to their benefits for use in weather-related emergency situations).

    Either way, if the release excels in the aforementioned areas, you will see that press releases are very beneficial.

    Good luck!


    Clickbooth B
  12. ayushpant

    ayushpant Affiliate affiliate

    Agreed with Clickbooth there completely. The unique angle part is applicable almost everythere. Tried to experiment this personally, and the unique angle one obviously generates more quality traffic, and comments on several of my blogs.

    Same principle, applicable to PR releases. Although, I have to comment somewhat that Press Releases generate a different kind of traffic - not your usual average people. But, still works. Great way to keep your projects in news.
  13. PPCBully

    PPCBully Affiliate affiliate

    Are there any interesting conclusions?
    Which PR channel is better?
  14. helen_gracio

    helen_gracio New Member

    Press release

    Writing a press release is a good idea but of course the content and title is very important. I'm not sure if the paid services make a big difference but I'm sure it helps. Maybe look into some reviews of different press release sites to see which ones have the best success and viewed most on the web.
  15. foldingtablesm

    foldingtablesm Affiliate affiliate

  16. helen_gracio

    helen_gracio New Member

    Yes definitely it is a good PR site. There are many, e.g. see the list:

    PR Leap: Online Press Release Distribution
    PR.com: Directory of Businesses Jobs Press Releases Products Services Articles - Find Companies
    pressbox - free press release distribution and news - press store - copywriting services
    Press Release Distribution Service. Press Release Writing and Editing.
    PRFree.com Free Press Release Distribution and Writing Service
    PRWeb::The Online Visibility Company
    Free Press Release - Online Press Release Distribution Service
    Free Press Release Submission - Submit News - Textile News, Apparel News, Fashion Fabric News, Fibre News Fibre2fashion
    Press Release Service - 24-7PressRelease.com
    *Press Release - Free news releases
    Free Press Release Distribution Center - I-Newswire.com
    PressReleaseSpider - Press Release Search Engine, Thousands of Press Releases
    Download Junction - Download Software, Freeware, Shareware, Games
    PRZOOM - Newswire & Press Release - Strictly Business News - Free Press Releases Distribution
    Index of /
    Press Release Distribution & Free Press Release Submit @ 1888 PressRelease.com
    ClickPress | Global News Distribution
    openPR.com - Worldwide Open Public Relations - Publish Press Releases Free of Charge
    Free News Release Distribution Service
    HULIQ | Citizen News Review
    Submit Press Release - Powered by vBulletin
    Free Press Release Distribution
    Press Release Services: Press Release Distribution, Affordable Professional Copywriting Service and EDGAR File Preparation From EWORLDWIRE Newswire
    PRBUZZ: Press Release Distribution Services - Entertainment: Films/ TV
    PR Urgent News - Free Press Release and News Distribution
    Free Press Release Distribution Service
    Press Release Distribution Service | PR9.NET
    BigNews.biz Is Your Free Press Release and World News Distribution Center
    Information-Online | The first choice for business news
    The Open Press - Free Press Release News Wire
  17. JamesAndrew

    JamesAndrew Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for sharing all the information. I haven't tried doing Press Release. Currently I'm thinking for more strategies that could help me in getting more traffic for my website and this could me. ;)
  18. earlyriser1710

    earlyriser1710 Affiliate affiliate

    Press Releases definately work. It helps in making more people aware about your product and your business. Press releases initiate traffic too. I have experienced quite a lot of difference in the traffic coming to my site within days of my posting press release.
    Till now I have not used paid PR release sites. I go for free sites because it gives me desired results I am looking for, so why pay extra bucks to advertise through paid sites.

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