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[GUIDE] How to Research Keyword for Amazon.

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by goblog, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. goblog

    goblog Affiliate affiliate

    This is a technique that I use the keyword search to play amazon affiliate. I will share it with my friends that are here .
    and I also use this technique in my previous thread . Check this one

    In the world of online marketing you must be able to implement the method of offline marketing to online , offline if you are face to face with potential buyers, so also in marketing online , you also have to face to face with buyers .

    As we all know , good writing is able to influence the reader psychologically to unconsciously produce action , well this is where the task you should know your field and in the world of affiliate marketing !

    Little about affiliate marketing ( notably Amazon ) is one exceptional source of income , where you (master ) can be named " Passive Income " Yups passive income is not wrong again .

    Let's move on to stage 1.

    Buying Research Keywords ! Not a niche but Golden Product research .

    Whatever type of business / business " Research " is a mandatory requirement that you must do.

    I alluded to above , for product research amazon certainly can not be separated from the word "Reviews " for example , so I type the word " Best Reviews" and Finding Website " bestreviews.com "

    Then I explore the website and the following is the content.

    Why would I choose "Baby Niche " ? As an example? Think !, Just imagine if you have kids, then what do you do ? for example at 1 year old children need bla bla bla , certainly 90 % will buy it instead ?

    Well I mean here is "This is my one thing that affects levels of " Conversion Rate " later .

    And Just click the category for us for ideas / what a niche then in use as ingredients " reseach keywords"

    You see, from the baby category there are sub category of " Strollers "

    Now we explore the niche " Stroller " through keywordspy.com ( as beginner For I will give you a free source for free )

    Before you explore the " stroller " right out of your imagination , let me not over time , eg " Baby Stroller reviews"

    Well I find longtail keyword " baby trend jogging stroller reviews "

    Is the keyword low comp . ? only you are aware of it, because the skill is different depending SEO person . so, because I want to know , I explore more of these keywords using different sites .

    This time I used " keywordrevealer.com " free as well . create a free account there and then type the keyword above.

    Now again the keyword search .

    Then click Evaluate I gave arrow.

    and see the results

    What do you think?

    1. No Competition keyword ( version KR )
    2. 2400 MS with Keyword Buying
    3. Trend Keyword was stable
    4. About 101 000 results in Google

    OK Completed phase 1 , the next stage of 2/10 .

    How to Implement a Website ? : New Domain or New Webpage ?

    I am not going to discuss about the domain / hosting or if you want to save , use godaddy site builder , just need $ 10 include one new domain and website buildernya period of 1 year , but I recommend using a self - hosted WordPress alone .

    OK , I think all we do not have difficulties in membuild a website , so I only give 3 aspect for beginners .

    1. Homepage Create reviews with 1 colom (note structure SILO ) It seems that here no one has discussed in advanced , next month I 'll explain.
    2. Make a Comparison Table and F.A.Q with onpage SEO method.
    3. Effective Call to Action Bottom , this obviously affects the conversion rate must be oriented with income.
    Let's go to phase three
    Before Moving to Stage Three , I will Alluding what I describe in Phase 2 first .

    I will also only just introduced three most important aspects in the promotion website / product amazon ! - Please differentiate between web promotion affiliate with amazon affiliate product .

    1. Forum , Blog Post , Guest Post! ( See an example, so that you are more able to explore or understand what I mean )
    Well involuntarily ( you must admit it or not ) if I intend to find sales through affiliate you will definitely get stuck !
    Look again above or see the image below .

    there , I can insert affiliate links .

    This too.


    2 image above is an example of a technique hijack call to action with human emotions . or something else .

    it is a trick I use for this , please appreciated what I do , for the next step , I will make it back next month . + i will share Seo techniques for long-term and onpage seo tips, you can see in here [GUIDE] Learning HTML For Long-Term SEO + Onpage SEO Tips | Affiliate Marketing Forum | AffiliateFix

    Thanks :)

    Last edited: Mar 16, 2016
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  2. terraleads
  3. Yvon

    Yvon Affiliate affiliate

    good job. I had to read it 2 times but thank you.
  4. djfixer

    djfixer Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for that. I think I will have to read it again to fully grasp everything, but I see where you're coming from. Great job.
  5. azgold

    azgold Super Moderator Super Mod moderator affiliate

    Thanks, @goblog

    I had those tools bookmarked but had forgotten all about them! I like that keyword spy has a lifetime free trial. :)

    My Amazon sales dried up, so this is going to be really helpful!
  6. goblog

    goblog Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks mate, glad to see your happy with my post :)
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  7. Neo0707

    Neo0707 Affiliate affiliate

    Thank a lot. How many articele I have to put minimum on website?
  8. djfixer

    djfixer Affiliate affiliate

    I have to say, I had stopped using keyword spy as well. I don't know why. Just started using it again and I remembered how awesome it was. My sales have declined over the past many months to the point that I felt maybe things weren't going to get better for some of the stuff. But, now I remember why they aren't doing as well - I stopped experimenting, testing keywords, and what not. Thanks for the reminder.
  9. goblog

    goblog Affiliate affiliate

    everyone has their own way , I am happy to help you with a reminder. if you want to do what I did above , go ahead.
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  10. Fallen_Drake

    Fallen_Drake Affiliate affiliate

    Thank @goblog ! Your post is really help me so much.
  11. Jigyaasu Sandeep

    Jigyaasu Sandeep Affiliate affiliate

    This is something I am in search for starting with amazon affilate. Thanks for this keyword research guide.
  12. vladimir19992

    vladimir19992 Affiliate affiliate

    Hello guys! I really want some consultation We work as subscription based giveaway:e -shops gives us goods ,we distribute them among users .To be sure the are real users we charge them 9 bucks a month. We really want to work based on CPA model but it is super hard to choose among so many networks! Can you suggest any really trustworthieble and good?
  13. Jeffrey Heaven

    Jeffrey Heaven Affiliate affiliate

    That's brief. Thanks for taking time into forming this post. :)
  14. Pay Per Call Guru

    Pay Per Call Guru Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Great post! Forgot about some of those tool. Nice gem you found in your example as well.
  15. notdavid

    notdavid Affiliate affiliate

    omg, this is really helpful. It's take a bunch of time for me to fully understand. Thank you a lot, anyway
  16. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    Amazon is a network that makes heavy use of the keywords and therefore it is a niche that very many people have employed. The guide is very important for it will help us be in a position of choosing the keywords that will bring results. Usually, Items on amazon improve ranking with the aid of searches as one factor. However, many people miss out especially when deciding the best word to choose. I will just say thanks for the great share of the post and please let us tag along people who have issues on the field above.

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