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Pay Per Call EXPOSED Course & Coaching

Pay per call course showing you step by step how to make money from pay per call.

  1. Pay Per Call Guru
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    Pay Per Call EXPOSED
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    Pay Per Call Super Affiliate & Professional Digital Marketer
    Exposes Methods & Tactics for Passive Income.

    PAY PER CALL EXPOSED was created with 6+ years of my own experience from promoting my first offer to $10,000* profit in a month.
    • Learn Current Proven Methods by one of the Top Earning Pay Per Call Marketers!
    • Currently Promoting Offers & Not Making Money?
    • New to Pay Per Call & Need a Step by Step Guide?
    • Looking for New & Proven Ways to Promote Pay Per Call?

    SO WHO AM I? Hi, my name is Raj, and unlike many other "self-appointed" digital experts - I actually am one.
    Leading digital strategy and digital implementation of those strategies at a global fortune 500 company for 8 years. In my role I was managing a multi-million dollar media budget and gaining great insights from working directly with Google, Twitter, Facebook, Media agencies and top-tier digital creative agencies - that's priceless experience to be honest! As well I have been in traditional affiliate marketing for over 10+ years… a long time! But once I realized the potential of pay per call affiliate marketing as an income stream and the financial freedom it brings, my goal was to be the best at! This ebook (online guide actually) is from all those years of experiences and failures which now are all documented and summarized right here on this site! (I wish this was around when I started, pay per call I would be so much farther ahead!)

    Mastering Pay Per Call Marketing - Step By Step
    The challenge we all face is that there isn’t any "proven" or “how to” information online about pay per call - until now. Yes it’s been around for a 6+ years but the adoption rate has been slow because many affiliate marketers can't get out of doing the same old tactics over and over. TIME FOR A CHANGE!


    NEW! Now Includes 1 Year of Support and Pay Per Call Coaching from me personally!

    ARE YOU READY? Go to http://paypercallexposed.com/ to learn more today! Get A FREE SNEAK PEAK INTO THE GUIDE!


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