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Ask Me Anything [GUIDE] Beginner's Step-By-Step Facebook Marketing Method 100% FREE (INTERNATIONAL)

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by Swjedinight, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. Swjedinight

    Swjedinight Affiliate affiliate

    This isn't going to be life changing to anyone who has been in the FB game for a while, but for someone being kicked around and hasn't make their first dollars from the interwebs, this is a great start for you

    This guide is going to be a run down of whats in the video located down below. Some people learn better reading and some people learn better watching. I have created free resources for both sorts of people.

    I currently use this method. I do show in the video one of the accounts that I am currently growing. I say this for transparency reasons and because people always want a screen shot. Well, its in the video if you want it.

    So obviously we are going to be working with facebook in this guide.

    First off, you will need to create a few new accounts or use accounts that aren't your main facebook account. You dont want your main account banned for any reasons.

    I would suggest creating 3 to 5 new accounts. depending on how much time and effort you want to put into this is how many accounts you should make. Facebook will allow a shit ton of accounts on one ip as long as you arent doing shady shit. I know this is going to be debated and argued but I currently have 13 accounts that I am working with and don't have any problems. DONT BOT THESE ACCOUNTS! That is what gets you into trouble.

    Now that you have your new accounts you are going to spend a few weeks just doing what normal people do with new accounts.

    • Add some friends (a few a day)
    • Like some stuff, (again few a day)
    • post status updates (same thing)
    • join some groups (1-3 a day)
    • Just act normal
    You are going to do this at random times for each of the account throughout the day. remember most people dont use facebook for 2 hours straight a day every day. spread out your activities across the day.

    This is going to be time consuming but if you want to build this properly this is the right way to do this. I don't care what other people say, there isn't an easy way for beginners to do this.

    Now after a few weeks to a few months you can start actively working on building your audience. again, this isn't a race. you are just going to be lying the groundwork here.

    This is what you are going to do

    • Join around 5 groups a day (no need to rush this, we dont need 100 groups on each profile)
    • make sure you join the same groups on each profile
    once you have around 30 groups or so, we are going to start adding friends. (honestly you can start adding friends when you join groups but very sparingly)

    We are going to want to "pre-qualify" our friends here. We are looking for tier 1 countries (USA, UK, AUS, NZ etc.) The reason being is because they tend to buy more things and aren't tire kickers.

    There are two ways you can do this. In the group, there will be a members section on the right hand side. click on it and go through the members and check their profiles by scrolling over their names and it will give a short little blurb about them. look for a location. If they check out, add them. If now, skip. we can be picky here.

    Don't rush this step. You want high quality people on your facebook. take the time and later it will pay off.

    you are going to keep doing this until you get to facebooks max which is 5k friends.

    once you have some friends on your list, you really can start promoting straight away.

    You are going to want to appear as a real person. not just someone spamming. you are going to want to post family pics and such. I post motivational quotes to get others to engage in my update. I comment on other people's updates as well.

    after they type "yes" you are going to reply to them saying " Hey, I PM'd you the info, you are number 23!" this last part is going to get them to check out your offer asap.

    You can use this method on facebook to promote anything. Currently I am using it to promote several of my youtube channels.

    *DISCLAIMER- This is my video and there are no affiliate links in the video or in the discription.*

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    As always there are going to be some people who just roast. Remember this is for beginners and It does have some ideas that I haven't seen on this forum.

    Please add to the discussion and tell me anything you felt I have missed so that Newbies can really get the max benefit from this post.
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  3. Andre Houston

    Andre Houston Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Great Methods. Thanks for sharing!
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  4. Swjedinight

    Swjedinight Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you kindly! I am glad hat you liked the method and I hope you have luck with it!
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  5. pockett

    pockett Affiliate affiliate

    facebook is too much strict, he banned all my fake accounts
  6. Kim U Liana

    Kim U Liana Affiliate affiliate

    FB is good and safe platform for beginners as well as me, but I still can't deal with its strict policy :(
  7. mdtanos

    mdtanos Affiliate affiliate

    nice content mate.
    So one trick when you have several accounts on the same group is to post your promotion with one account and then you use the other accounts to comment them (fake an interaction) so the post stays visible to more people.
    Do you do that?