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Hello All!

We have been selling computer accessories, electronic gadgets, techie T-Shirts, and computer themed gifts and home and office decor to the geek market since 2001. Formerly a brick-and-mortar retailer, we have focused our recent attention on our rapidly expanding catalog and online store at

Recently, we decided to offer an affiliate program with a commission structure of up to 20% for new affiliates during our introductory period.

We are considering joining an affiliate network(s) such as Commission Junction and would like to hear about other online retailer's experience with smaller networks. We welcome recommendations!

Best wishes,


Linda Buquet

Hi Will,

Welcome to 5 Star. SORRY I could have sworn I welcomed you yesterday.
But when I went off to check out your site and your program I got lost and never made it back to say hi.

I love gadget sites and your commish is pretty good. Hope you do well. Saw your press release and posts at other forums so you seem to be doing a pretty good job of getting the word out. Feel free to post a promo down in our program announcement section too.

Best of Luck!