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Greetings from the Midwest


I've often been a visitor (guest) to the forum and found some good information here.

Thought it was time to become a member and maybe I can offer some help to others.

I'm not a complete newbie, but if I had a day job, I wouldn't be quitting it just yet. I haven't been very active with my internet business lately -- dealing with offline family stuff -- and now is the time to get back to it (yes before the holidays so I can start the New Year out right).



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Welcome to 5 Star, Sharan.

I see that you live in the best part of the country and in the greatest state in the United States. But I'm probably a little bias in my statements.

It was good to read that you are interested in helping others.

I am glad you liked what you saw as a visitor and decided to become a part of the 5 Star community.