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Greetings From NC Media - Toronto 11year n00b veteran



Name is Norb - Been into the marketing/advertising industry for 11 yrs and counting. Have had amazing success and some horrible years as well, currently back up to amazing and growing. Didn't think i'd need or want to join yet another board, but alas here I am in full uniforum (nopun) to aggregate some great minds and affiliates to my initiatives and slate of products to monetize. Will also be looking at your products/services/programs and promoting proven sellers, feel free to reach out.

All my best, fingers crossed this intro stays up, and I look forward to meeting all of you in the near.

Best of luck with biz today
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Welcome to 5 Star, ncmedia.

I'm glad you have decided to join our friendly community.

Even though you might be a member at several places, I hope we will become your favorite. Based on some of the things our members I often hear from our members, I have a feeling we will be your favorite.

It is always good to see a very experienced person join our community because their wealth of knowledge can be so helpful to our new members who are trying to make some progress.

We all look forward to your participation in our discussions.

Linda Buquet

Hey ncmedia,

Welcome to 5 Star. Glad you decided to join up even though you're spread thin.
Great to have another veteran in our midst!