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Greetings From Los Angeles


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Hi Everyone!

My name is Mario Mendoza and am Co-partner in a start up Indie music label, Fried Roots. Music is the heart and soul of my operation, from custom production, lyricism, and artist development. I graduated from college with a Finance degree and was always intrigued to applying my smarts and creativity towards affiliate marketing. Your forum is awesome, always keeping my ideas on their toes with so many great posts. I am a newbie with a start up site, but also have plans for future sites. Look forward to more success with your guidance and insight...


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Welcome to 5 Star, Mario.

Thanks for joining and I am glad you like our forums.

You sound as if you are very excited about affiliate marketing. You should fit in very well here.

Linda Buquet

Hi Mario,

Welcome to 5 Star. Cool background and great attitude!
You should do well and we are glad to have you be part of our community.