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Greetings from a Newbie - Mike from Onveon



My name is Mike Kim and I'm Marketing/Affiliate Manager from Onveon Education Search, a leading education search portal that allows prospective students to research a large variety of educational options, including colleges, universities, and career and vocational training institutions; offering both online and traditional campus-based programs. Our technologies are optimized to match a student to the schools best fitting their goals. This process simplifies the search effort for the student, and the schools value these highly targeted student leads.

We are currently offering an affiliate program that pays $15/Lead. We have our own in-house affiliate site where you can login and track your sales, print custome report, the whole nine yards.

Currently, I work for a small company, so I'm my own division, or rather divisions! Of course, my main goal is to network my company, but I think there is a higher value in meeting new cool people. My forte is Marketing (online/offline) and I'm new to Affiliate Marketing, so I hope to learn a lot from all you pros out there~!

Thank you everyone!


Linda Buquet

Hi Mike,

Welcome to 5 Star. Your space is pretty competive I think, but I was talking to an affiliate awhile back that was making tons of commission on edu affiliate programs. Feel free to post a more in-depth intro about your program down in the "promote your program here" section of the forums.

Then read and learn, jump into discussions and ask questions.