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Greetings everybody - Eric Ewe

Hi everybody,

I stumbled and found this board. I am Eric Ewe, marketing manager / affiliate manager at Fairfield Resorts and we run the website . Actually, we just changed our name to Wyndham Vacation Ownership after our spin off from Cendant. Been active in the affiliate world and active on another board

Just dropping in to say HI and I see some familiar faces on here too like the Jon from theNers, AMWSO gang :)

Eric Ewe

Linda Buquet

Hey Eric,

Welcome to 5 Star. Great to see you over here. Yes we have lots of regulars you know - more than you realize hang out or lurk at this little community. Feel like I know you from reading your posts over there. I don't post there, but do check in to read the news from time to time.
I am sure that there are lots of lurkers out there ;)
I am a lurker of a few other forums too, can't have time to contribute everywhere

So, linda, are you the super mod on here or the owner by any chance?

Linda Buquet

Hi Eric, I own 5 Star.

FYI, Wynn Las Vegas and all the other links at the top of the forum are my clients. I don't do management anymore just promotion and PR for companies that are already well managed and pass my 5 star criteria.

Linda Buquet

Well my directory is a closed directory and I only promote my clients.

Performancing has some great blogs and great ad rates. I would encourage you to check them out. They are a brand new client of mine, but sure you can work with them, thats the whole idea. :)

Mentioning my name over there would not be a good idea for several good reasons. You can mention Performancing though if you want.


<b><font size=2>In Memoriam - Loyal Administrator<
Welcome to 5 Star, Eric.
Is there anything you don't own
She doesn't own Google or Microsoft. ;) It would be great if she did. But one never knows what Linda might do in the future. :)

I am glad you found us even if you stumbled upon us. I hope you will stick around here and become an active member. 5 Star might even become your favorite community.

We are pleased to have you as a member.


lol:) ya just can't escape me huh? lol I popped in over there and hadn't been here for a while so real quick popped in here. Lo and behold.....a name I recognized so couldn't resist sayin Howdy:) I had already left but got emailed you responded so came back again real quick. lol Off again now. lol :) :D


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