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Greetings and a Question


Hello all, my name is Brian and I am an affiliate manager.

I would like to know what the appropriate way is to start a thread to post information on my affiliate program. Is there a paid or free option to do so? I had a look around but did not find a place that seemed to be dedicatd for that.



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We have a free forum in which you may promote your affiliate program. However, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you read and follow the rules. There are certain types of affiliate programs which aren't allowed.

You also need to know that you are allowed to make updates etc. related to your affiliate program, but they must all be added to your original thread. You need to select a title for your thread that would be appropriate for your first post as well as any additional posts you might make.

Here are the rules for that forum:
Merchants/Networks/AffiliateManagers Only 1 Thread Allowed

Since affiliate program promotions are a free service in the 5 Star merchant forums, only 1 thread per company, merchant or network is allowed. If you manage more than one affiliate program, then please make your 1st topic descriptive yet general enough to add your other program promos to.

Example - ABC Network Affiliate Programs and Updates

No needless bumping of threads. New programs, bonuses, updates may be added to the original thread.

The only people that can make posts in this section are the merchant, company owner, affiliate manager or network rep.

No affiliate links and no 2nd tier recruiting is allowed.

No JVs (Joint Ventures) - this section is for bonafide affiliate programs only.

No pre-launch Internet marketing deals.

NO Gambling, RX or Adult affiliate programs and
no products that require ANY TYPE OF DOWNLOADs allowed.

Bonafide affiliate programs have real products that are tried and proven and are ready to sell today. JV, pre-launch, get-rich quick, ebook and/or MLM opportunities are not allowed.
The name of the forum is Merchants Promote Your Affiliate Program. Here is a link to that forum


Larwee, thanks so much, that is exactly what I was looking for. The rules seem very fair and it is nice of the forum to allow such submissions. I will submit there shortly.