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Greeting from Subang Jaya, Malaysia


Hi everyone,

It's has been quite sometimes I came to know this forum but unfortunately, I am rather be a readers than posters. I think it should be good to particate into the forum disucssion.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Steven Wong, I live in one of a small any yet very popular country in Asia. This is my 2nd year full time into Internet Marketing. So far, I have been helping my friends in their hosting business, assist in one of the popular wordpress blogging forum as well as blogging on my own. My blog is focusing around "Small Business Blog Marketing" topic, still along the way to polish my writing skills, I'm not a professional writer. Hopefully I can improve from time to time and bring good contends to readers and time passes.

This year, I decided to start my own major projects (actually since last year has been thinking of good idea) and I want to focus more on my own products instead of helping others to setup. MY first major project will launch in another day or two. Right now still in the final stage of pick up the bugs. So, I am not going to write any longer, but I will definitely come back on regular basis to learn, unlearn and participate in the discussion.

Thank you for your reading & All the best to your success,


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Welcome to 5 Star, Steven.

I see you have been a member for for a while. You will probably find that it is a lot more fun to participate in the discussions rather than just reading.

5 Star can be a big help to you on your projects and it is good to see that you plan to visit and participate on a regular basis.


Hi Steven

It is great to meet you. You sound like you have some great knowledge and we look forward to learning from you.

Kind Regards