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GrandMa Again - Baby Shower Gifts

Linda Buquet

YEA! Don't know if I told you guys but I'm going to have another grand child in January. Still can't believe I'm old enough to be a Grandma! :p

I am helping to throw my daughter-in-law an early baby shower tonight since she's in town for a couple weeks.

I'm giving her money to buy baby clothes and one of these - a Kolcraft Contours 3-in-1 Play Yard with Light Vibes. It's cooler than the Graco pack and play because it has a swinging cradle, in addition to the changing table so it serves 3 functions including being a play yard when the baby gets bigger:

and one of these - the Cuddle U Nursing pillow by Leachco - which is a breast feeding pillow that's supposed to work even better than the Boppy.

Plus got her a couple other little things. She isnt due until January so we don't know if it's a boy or a girl yet. Hence I'm giving her mainly money so she can pick out the right colors after she knows what it's going to be. But we figured since she's in town we would have her shower early and invite all her old friends from school.

Well off to get ready for the shower. Just thought I'd share for any WAHM's that want to see some cute baby stuff. See ya'll later. :)


New Member
Congratulations Linda! That is very exciting news :) We had a special visit from a newborn in our office yesterday, and it's just amazing how tiny they are!


Oh congratulations Linda,
You must be sooo excited! You'll have a new baby around to spoil :D

Cherish the moments because they grow up fast.

~ Teli


Hi Linda,


I love babies too. My boyfriend's sister was due last Friday, but she still hasn't given birth. We're all waiting on pins and needles for her baby to decide its time to 'pop' out!

I hope you had fun with the baby shower. I planned one a while back for my sister's husbands brother's wife, and we had a blast. Both men and women were invited, and we played a lot of games, (guess the baby food flavour, a baby bottle drinking race (it was hilarious to see grown men drinking out of a baby bottle as quickly as they could!)).

Congrats once again!


Linda Buquet

Hi Saira,

We played THE grossest baby shower game. My daughter melted different kinds of candy bars into baby diapers, then we had to pass them around and guess what kind of candy bar it was. Some of the diapers looked pretty real.
GROSS. :eek:


Congrats Linda!

You have another addition to pass along your wise knowledge of affiliate marketing too! :D

All the best!