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Got a website no affiliate


Hello i have a website and hosted my area is directories with a little knowledge on seo could i set up affiliates in my directory and make money or would i have to set up a brand new site to get anywhere, also can free hosting sites be a good way to start and would it be easy to promote??

Linda Buquet

Yes you could add affiliate links to the directory in your sig.

Realize however that targeting ads and products to a wide variety of topics will result in lower conversion rates generally. If you featured a general appeal health product in the health section for example it may do better.

HOWEVER directory sites and mall sites with hundreds of categories are a tough way to go for newbies. You are trying to cater to too many types of people to be effective. Its a very scattered shot gun approach that will be difficult to make money at IMHO. Its also a tough way to get search rankings because the site theme is too diverse.

Plus directories tend to attract SUBMITTERS not buyers for the most part.

Best advice is to pick a smaller niche and focus all your energy on one type of person with a certain type of interest that will draw targeted traffic who is interested in a specific type of product or range of products. For newbies, the narrower your focus the easier it may be to start.

Example: Fishing is too broad. Maybe a site specifically on bass fishing, bass fishing lures and poles and tackle. (Just an example - don't know if it's even a good one.)

Baby stuff - too broad >> baby strollers >> still pretty competitive >> jogging strollers >> better.

REad the newbie stickies then the niche forum and find a niche that you know about and can be passionate about. Find a niche where there are others like you tha are passionate about the topic.

Yes a free site is OK to start. You won't make much money probably. Just be sure they allow affiliate links.

You are MUCH better off starting with a free blog, hubpage or Squidoo lens than a static site. If you start with Blogger, you can start with the free hosted blog, then when you are ready to start making money point the blog to your own hosted domain.