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Googles New Ad Scheduling Feature for AdWords


Google has recently released a new service called Ad Scheduling. This new service enables advertisers to adjust their bids automatically, or pause and resume their campaigns, based on the day of the week, or time of day. Pretty cool.

Google said the feature is suitable for all kinds of AdWords advertisers from local to national, small to large. It enables local advertisers and small businesses to schedule ads to run just during business hours for example, and allows the more sophisticated advertisers to fine tune campaigns in real-time. Retailers could opt to run extra ads at lunch time, which is considered a higher than average time for purchases to be made by consumers.

Google said the new service gives advertisers more control over how much they bid and when ads run, and claimed it will produce an increased return on investment for users. The feature is part of the existing AdWords campaign management interface and is available to all advertisers and agencies requesting increased campaign management control.


I was thinking it could be used to run ads at the end of the month and end of the day when other campaigns start to run out of budget and rates tend to be lower.

I've noticed that after 5:00pm EST the PPC tends to go down on my AdSense ads and the PPC tends to go down during the last week or two of the month. I would assume this results in a corresponding drop in PPC costs to advertisers.