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Google to be more open


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This should be of interest to both AdWords advertisers and AdSense publishers becuase Google is going to be more open and this policy change could be helpful to both.

Google is the giant when it comes to contextual advertising and the others are being left way behind. That is why it is interesting to see that this change is being caused in reaction to a much smaller company.

One big complaint about Google is that AdWords advertisers and AdSense publisher are left in the dark on many issues.

Quigo Technologies lets advertisers know the sites on which their ads have appeared and gives them a chance to buy on specific sites or particular pages on that site. Quigo also gives larger media companies the chance to sell their own contextual ads under their own brands rather than Quigo's.

As you know, Google places contextual ads on sites and blogs but doesn't tell advertisers on what sites the ads are on and Yahoo does the same thing.

Both Google and Yahoo have lost a few advertisers to Quigo and this is causing Google to take notice and make some changes.

Google has said than within the next few months they will start letting advertisers know where each ad runs and that advertisers will soon be able to bid on contextual ads on particular sites.

There is a lot more information in this article. It is 2 pages but the pages aren't long. Here is the link