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Google Gadget Ads - Adsense Widget

Linda Buquet

May Widget Madness. If 2007 is the YEAR of the Widget, May may go down as the MONTH of the widget. Yesterday I blogged about the new <a target="_new" href="">Shareasale Affiliate Widget</a>. Today I'm reporting about the beta Google just launched for their new Adsense marketing widget called "GADGET Ads."

Like most widgets this is an interactive app that will allow publishers the ability to easily embed dynamic content such as video, flash and real-time feeds into Web pages and blogs. The widget is planned for launch by summer time.

The new Google Gadget Ad format for Adsense has been dubbed <strong>WidgetSense</strong> by <a target="_new" href="">Pete Cashmore at Mashable</a> and <a target="_new" href="">Steve Rubel at Micro Persuasion</a>.
<blockquote><strong><a target="_new" href="">
Google Tests 'Gadget Ads'</a></strong> - MediaPost "Marketers using Gadget Ads will be able to determine which features users are clicking on the most--whether a 'how-to video,' a 'savings calculator,' or a live feed--and then edit them accordingly. As "user engagement" evolves into a key accountability metric for measuring digital ad strategies, it will also become increasingly important for advertisers to track these statistics."</blockquote>