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Google, continual indexing and link buying techniques


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I have been asked by a client to go to LinkAdage and buy him in some juicy PR7s from property-related websites.

I hesitated at the thought as I know that Google has been looking into this for some time now. The other aspect is that these "broker" sites is they never allow you to see what you're buying in advance - for obvious reasons. But maybe this practice can spell wholesale disaster if you spend your money and then find the link is of dubious value to the Google bots.

To my knowledge, following on from Google's Florida update that flushed out some black hat techniques in preparation for the company's IPO, they took a hard look at webmasters buying, trading, and selling links with other websites. As I understand it, the latest backlink update has allowed Google to check the links from these sites and rid its ranks of websites trying to manipulate rankings using "questionable tactics".

I also hear that Google is looking to make sure that your site regularly adds new content and that people are actually staying to read the content, and that sites that are hoping to provide paid-for links without "giving back" will find themselves plummeting in the rankings.

So, with recips and paid links out, how does one get a PR7, say, without publishing some pretty weighty articles in a few pretty weighty article sites, as it seems this is the only recourse to gain PR7 status for a property company, but maybe I've missed th point entirely.

Okay, I understand the argument about PR over traffic, but this is not the issue here. The client wants higher PR (currently PR5) than all of his competitors. The danger is all in the buying and I would really welcome comments on this before I advise.


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Depending on his title on his website, a pr7 link, or even 10 of them may not be enough to make the jump to pr6 on his site.

Without a good, deep analysis of his comp. I would not advise buying links, I would concentrate on just making sure that he gets links from sites with his keywords in the title and content.

He can have a link from a pr9 site and his link on a pr 3 page and the link is credited as a pr3. The index pr does not count unless the link is on that page, Link value is calculated from the PAGE the link is on, not the site, If it were counted from the site, all pages would have the same pr on all sites. and to get a pr 7 page link with keywords the same as his is going to cost more than it is worth.

The pr 7 guy knows he will be bleeding pr to a pr5 site.

I would be more concerned with quality of relevance, not pr of the site.

Link buying is something that is risky at best!