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Good DVD Affiliate Program?


Linda Buquet

Hi Barb,

I don't know off hand, but am changing the title to be more descriptive and am moving up to the main affiliate discussion so maybe someone else can help you.

Barb said <strong>"I am looking for a good DVD affiliate program."</strong>
Anyone have any tips?


Hi Barb,

Not sure if you heard about 'bloggerkit'. It might fit your need. Basically, it is a monetization tool for bloggers, like you. Actually, Linda profiled it before. Thanks, Linda.

The way it works is pretty simple, you provide an Amazon Associate ID, we give you couple lines of js code to insert to blog template, then all you need to do is to include some keyword at end of your blog. In your case, you can try any DVD title or even actor name, the js code will automatically grab a DVD list from Amazon and display on side. You will get paid if readers complete purchase.

Here is the live demo: (the keyword is: bk_keywords: zen portable media.)

If you have any question, I will be happy to help you.


Idk if this is what you're looking for... But my friend owns and operates I did the logo for him ;)

He's sorta what got me into affiliate marketing, but the site has done very well for him.