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Good deed


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I found about signing petitions recently. There are actually many different kinds that one can lobby against. How about doing something good today?

SIGN A PETITION to help stop the commercial sexual exploitation of children overseas. See

SUPPORT EFFORTS to wipe out child porn by lighting a virtual candle at
-the target is 1 million candles by Dec 31,2006. The petition will go towards lobbying governments, financial institutions, Internet service providers, law enforcement agencies and so on to stop this horrifying exploitation.

CHECK OUT OTHER PETITIONS at where you can lobby against anything from the fur trade to eliminating styrofoam containers.


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Thanks so much for sharing this. Child exploitation is such a tragedy! These children deserve to live like children do. Instead, they are forced to grow up too fast and are forced to perform in activities they don't even want to. They are still babies! We all shouldwork to stop this madness! I think it is a wonderful thing you are doing.