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Good Affiliate Manager? What does it take?

Linda Buquet

What makes a good Affiliate Manager? Well I imagine a hundred affiliates could give you a hundred different answers however there are some core traits that I'm sure most affiliates could agree on. Let's see what some UK affiliates think... I blogmarked this thread from the UK Affiliate Marketing Forum a couple weeks ago and have been meaning to blog about it.

What makes a good Affiliate Manager?
Matt Wood the Admin starts the thread off:

I thought it would be nice to get some feedback from members on what makes a good affiliate manager

- Ease of communication MSN, email, mobile
- Communication of industry news / intelligence that may not be accessible by the affiliate.
- Owning up to mistakes, acting quickly to rectify any problem.
- An Affiliate Manager that incentivises affiliates personally, not just via tier levels.
Nicky stresses "PATIENCE - this is key." Paul Wright lists lots of good traights, then ends up on a light note: "likes to party, good looking, up for a laugh." Several others weigh in with some good feedback.

Read the rest then add your 2 cents.
What makes a good Affiliate Manager in YOUR opinion???
Inquiring minds want to know!