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God's 2015 Ranking Blueprint

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by CharlesFloate, May 28, 2015.

  1. CharlesFloate

    CharlesFloate Affiliate affiliate

    This is my first ever guide on AffiliateFix. I personally use this ranking strategy on a number of my own sites, and in my opinion.. It's the best ranking strategy you can use today.

    So without further ado..

    Step 1) Changing From Juice to TRUST.

    I've been preaching this in various comments throughout my other groups over the last few months, but I haven't elaborated properly.

    Last year, 100 TF25+ PBN Links could of ranked you for pretty much any Mid level keyword. That's still the same this year, but those 100 PBN Links are now (since the last few months) only passing link JUICE, and not link TRUST.

    Google hasn't really got their Algo any smarter, they're just letting sites that are trusted rank higher up. They do this (figuratively speaking) by making a list, a list of all the trusted websites in the world (Wikipedia, BBC, Forbes etc) and this is why you've probably been seeing a hell of a lot more Wikipedia based services popping up recently - Because, they work.

    An expired domain that's recently been re-registered, has ok Backlinks and a couple fake social signals isn't passing trust, it's merely passing juice.

    Gain authority, gain trust, gain rank.

    Step 2) OnPage Never Left The Building

    I see ten questions a day about PBNs, Scraping Domains & Backlinks.. But it's a very rare occasion to see anything about the OnPage of a site.

    How I do my OnPage = Install More Trust
    - SSL Certificates (Encrypted Trust)
    - 10 Year Domain Expiration Dates (In It For The Long Haul Trust)
    - Dedicated IP Address (Dedication Trust)
    - Site Speed (Loading Times = CRO&SEO :O )
    - Well built site (You know, Google reads your code)

    Along with all the other OnPage stuff, meta data, sitemaps etc.. Don't worry, I'll be releasing a BIG OnPage guide here on AffiliateFix very, very soon.

    Step 3) Now Where Do Social Signals Fit In, Charles?

    A question I receive a lot. A LOT.

    Fake Socials = No Go

    Why spend $25 on some fake social signals when you can spend $25 on Facebook Ads (+ a coupon) and get a couple hundred likes, some traffic & potential newsletter subs (If have newsletter) ?

    Twitter Ads = Fun For Personal Stuff, Not Cost Effective For Business

    Keep your social signals real, get real engagement

    TL;DR - Gain authority, gain trust, gain rank, gain bank.

    If you have any questions, feel free to drop them here and I'll do my best to reply.
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  2. adcombo
  3. rigby

    rigby Affiliate affiliate

    Facebook ads + a scheduling tool, like massplanner or FPtraffic are a must. I sincerely don't understand people buying fake social signals, as you said. Whatever, maybe seeing numbers going up it's a nice way to boost their ego, but it won't eventually build targeted traffic or improve their income.

    Talking about the awesomely over-looked on-page SEO, I use Brian Dean's guide on Google Ranking factors (that you can find here : Google Ranking Factors: The Complete List , hope I don't break any rules by posting this here, but this guy really puts a lot of effort into building a trustful experience for marketers that won't to grow their knowledge... just look at the way he uses typography on his website to increase readability and lower bounce rate).

    Some of these 200 factors are pure estimates, some are related to stuff that google publicly admitted in the past.
    Sometimes people simply focus on what the next Google Update will cut away and forget that so many things that could rank you in the past are still working today by simply giving it a more "organic" look.
    In the end, if you're spending time and money onto your on-page SEO instead of "blasting and spamming" (which orks too well, lol), I'm pretty sure you're also building great content that you want people to look at, so you'd be taking away from your potential readers the chance to acquire more insightful information on whatever they'll be interested into.
    And Google is all about that : curating resources for people that are looking for information, right?
    That's why we all use google everyday :DDDD
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  4. LazyAssEh!

    LazyAssEh! Affiliate affiliate


    You said trust doesn't get passed only juice. Well then how do you get trust? (aside from expired domain or waiting till ya older than gramps)
  5. bowz

    bowz Affiliate affiliate

    Charles! Go on with your blueprint, please!! :)
  6. bodHOST

    bodHOST Affiliate affiliate

    Some descent pointers you got there but I suggest people to run after backlinks but make it look natural so this way you are safe from getting penalized.

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