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Getting Traffic From Low Traffic Sites

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by Smithee, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. Smithee

    Smithee Affiliate affiliate

    Everyone knows blog commenting can be a good way to get some traffic from other blogs. However there's no guarantee that you'll get any traffic from blogs which get lots of traffic because odds are if you leave a comment and it's not on the first page, it might not be read. Your hard work will all have been for naught.

    If you know a comment you'll write won't be on the blog's first page then I think it would be better to post comments on sites that don't get much traffic. Odds are people who read your comment [if it's helpful] may want to find out more about you, click on your link and visit your site.

    So don't write off low traffic sites. They too, can be good traffic sources for you.

    All the best!
  2. terraleads
  3. techpro

    techpro Affiliate affiliate

    May be Its working for you but I usually don't prefer low traffic website for promotional activities. Instead of wasting efforts on a low traffic website one should always choose websites with high traffic.
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  4. MeshBean

    MeshBean Affiliate affiliate

    Totally agree with @Smithee .
    Very useful information, thanks for sharing!
  5. pennylove

    pennylove Affiliate affiliate

    I cannot say that I've tried this although I can definitely see your point. I think I would only do this on sites that rank well on Google though. If they are on the end page, I cannot say I will waste my time writing comments on them. For me, I have tried writing comments on more popular blogs than mine. For a time, I kept on doing that until I realised all my efforts are not being rewarded.

    So I just focused on writing good quality content and promoting my site. I think it also helps that I kept on commenting on other sites like mine which aren't that popular. But rather than promoting my site there, we just tried to build connections with other bloggers like us. This way, I earned some traffic from them for life.
  6. Shubham Jain

    Shubham Jain Affiliate affiliate

    It is a best way to get traffic from low traffic sites
  7. all3web

    all3web Affiliate affiliate

    I agree with this, rather than wasting efforts on low traffic sites, it is better to go for high traffic websites to promote your site. but ensure to keep back-link in the relevant site, or else your may face heavy bounce rate due to which your website rank can be dropped down.

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