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Review Getting My First Funnel Live with The ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Challenge (Review and unboxing)


Hey guys, recently I joined the ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA 30 Day Challenge), it's a 30 day course by Russell Brunson, Stephen Larsen, and Julie Stoian that "walks you through" getting your first funnel up (and yes lots of affiliates created funnels during the challenge, it's not just products and ecom). Is anyone considering joining OFA? I'm happy to answer questions about my experience below and hook you up with my bonuses if you're interested.

I thought this forum might appreciate a review, it's a great investment for the cost for newbies who want to learn complete clickfunnels funnel building and setup and Traffic.

I created a video here (it's pretty long, so time stamps are below the vid if you want to skip around, see what I built, etc. without listening to me drone on and on hehe)

(Please note that I am an affiliate for this so you can skip past my bonus stack and affiliate offer for CF etc. by using the time stamps below)

Time stamps:

0 - 5:54 - Introduction to the One Funnel Away Challenge: What is OFA challenge, how will it help you, what will you accomplish.

5:55 - One Funnel Away Unboxing, where I unbox everything they sent me during the challenge

12:15 - Overview of the actual OFA challenge, daily tasks, etc.

21:07 - Overview of my one funnel away and ClickFunnels bonuses for you.

24:01 - The funnel I built during One Funnel Away (A Five Day Blog Bootcamp Funnel, and how you can swipe that funnel for yourself)

28:41 - End - Closing remarks on OFA challenge

Overall my funnel is almost done, it took me a bit longer than I hoped, but I'm super happy with the results (I show my actual funnel in the video).

The program is $100 and I figure it breaks down to paying them less than $1/hr for the coaching, but really the kick in the ass was the most valuable thing :) If you've struggled with funnels or getting an offer and bonus stack live, this might be great for you.

The program starts every 30 days or so with the next one happening on the 26th of Feb (and you'll need to get on a waitlist for subsequent events).

Ok, that's enough!! I'll FUP here "journey" style when my bootcamp funnel is LIVE and kickin' ass.

Sam ~
CPA Evolution 3