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Getting Autopilot Backlinks With A Niche Directory

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by Jay Wessman, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Jay Wessman

    Jay Wessman Affiliate affiliate

    Getting Autopilot Backlinks With A Niche Directory

    In this guide I will show you a neat little trick I have used to get Webmasters to place my link on their site, via creating our own link directory.

    Niche Directory

    Here's a method that I've used in several niches to get webmasters to automatically link to my site on regular basis.

    And the way that we do this is by building a niche directory.

    A niche directory is a site that has a lot of different links to different sites that are based around a specific niche.

    For example if you search 'Wicca Directory' you'll find WiccaDirectory.com which is a directory full of sites about wicca (witchcraft type stuff):


    You'll also see that other webmasters can submit their site to be included into the directory:


    And usually these sites will ask the webmaster to link back to the directory in exchange for inclusion on the directory:


    So basically we just want to make one of these niche style directories for our niche except with one twist: instead of asking for a link back to our directory we ask for a link to our MONEY site!

    The result is people building one way backlinks to your website rather than reciprocal links (aka two way backlinks which are far less valuable in the eyes of Google) and all without you even having to ask.

    So here's how you can do this for yourself.

    1) Set up a directory for your niche.

    Now I like to build my directories myself using free templates online and then just modifying them in Dreamweaver but there are also a tonne of free (and paid) scripts that you can use to set yourself up a directory including:

    > PHP Link Directory (Free Version)
    > PHP Link Directory (Paid Version)
    > DirectoryPress (A Paid WordPress Theme That Turns Your Blog Into A Directory)

    So find a directory script that you like, install it and then move onto step 2.

    2) Modify the submission page.

    Once your directory is all set up you want to modify the 'submit' page and to aadd some text asking for a link back to your main money site.

    It's as simple as just adding something along the lines of this:


    3) SEO the crap out of the directory.

    Do all of your usual SEO stuff on the site to get it to rank for “Your Niche Directory”.

    The smaller your niche the easier it will be. In many niches this will be really easy as there are very few directories in that niche already.

    Here's a few guides I've written on getting backlinks and getting your site ranking that should you out:

    > Using Footprints to Build Backlinks
    > Using Knowem to Find Authority Sites to Build Backlinks On
    > Find Your Competitors Backlinks And Steal Them
    > The Big Ass List Of Sites To Build Backlinks On

    4) Sit back and wait for your links to roll in.

    If you've pulled it off correctly once your site is ranking nicely you should start to see a bunch of regular backlinks rolling in from related niche sites on autopilot.

    NOTE: Whenever a site links to you be sure to add their link to the directory so that they're happy with the deal and keep your link up permanently!
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  2. terraleads
  3. Tirade

    Tirade Affiliate affiliate

    How long would you say it takes you to build a directory yourself? Also, do you have any specific templates to recommend?
  4. Jay Wessman

    Jay Wessman Affiliate affiliate

    Takes me a couple of hours but I've done it before so it might take you longer.

    The template isn't that important just choose one that looks decent. What's more important is getting it to rank in the search engines so that people find it.
  5. azgold

    azgold Super Moderator Super Mod moderator affiliate

    So, this is a set-it-and-forget method? If so, I love it!

    I assume Google realizes that these are directories and not spammy link farms? Sorry Jay, maybe that's a stupid question but one that came to mind.

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