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GetLower.com Invites you!

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by [email protected], Nov 8, 2005.

  1. stephen.maitland@getlower

    [email protected] New Member

    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Stephen and I am the Affiliate Manager for GetLower.com. I?d like to invite you to come take a look at our program and at all the new and exciting things we have going on!

    About GetLower.com

    Founded in 2004, Get Lower, Inc. has set out to accomplish the following:

    For our consumer customers
    GetLower.com provides consumers with the most comprehensive opportunity to find, research and secure the best rates for their current situation when it comes to household and personal related financial commitments. Through this we are able to provide a personalized experience for life-time usage. We also offer a robust amount of information in regards to how to take advantage of these offers through our services.

    For our professional service provider customers
    Provide professional service providers the most qualified and targeted consumer audience to market against. This is accomplished through use of technology, in which we provide professionals with lead flow and lead quantification tools. We continue to provide unparallel education on how to maximize success rates of marketing to consumer leads generated from the Internet.

    Our Program
    The GetLower.com Affiliate Program has many competitive advantages over other programs. I have highlighted some of the existing and new features that will be coming soon below!

    * Dedicated Affiliate Manager
    * New "updated" creative throughout the year
    * Multiple landing pages
    * Specific links to specific landing pages
    * Affiliate-only promotions
    * Competitive commission structure- Up to $37.50/lead
    * 60-day cookies on all links.

    Get Started Today
    It?s easy to get started! You can either follow the link below to apply today or find us in the CJ network. Please contact me directly with any question or concerns.


    Thanks Again,

    Stephen Maitland
    [email protected]
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