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Get Traffic 2 Your Blog - 7 Ways

Discussion in 'General Internet Marketing' started by Affiliate Classroom, Mar 8, 2006.

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  3. its_me_shaners

    its_me_shaners New Member

    Since Blogging has become popular and useful to marketers today, here are few more ways that may be useful for promoting your blog:

    1. Commenting on other people's blogs : Comment fairly on other people's (similar to your's); Make sure you post relavant and useful comments, otherwise you'll be considered spam. Commenting helps you get : Spiders, New visitors and useful backlinks.

    2. List your blog on blogtopsites (Google hasn't considered these linkfarms yet). May get you new visitors and SE placements.
    blogtospsites.com .

    3. Allowing commenting on your blog and inviting new users to contribute. This is a basic use within a blog itself. Comments help give your blog a certain popularity and maybe an identity. Blogs such as Wordpress and Blogger allow multiple users to contribute to a blog. However this may take time as you may have to wait till your blog gets some traffic.

    4. Try traffic exchange for blogs such as blogxchange.com (similar to trafficswarm); I'am not keen on it.

    5.Posting reviews of products that may help your visitors. Blogs not only allow you to give your personal opinion, thier main flexibilty lies in using other people's articles, reviews etc without copyright issues (Complete article and review duplication is harmful though; You may add your personal opinion on someone's articles; Usually they'll be happy because your sending them traffic)

    6. If you're using blogs like Wordpress, several plugins (extensions) allow you to aggregate RSS feeds, Easy insertion and promotion of affiliate links etc. So consider changing over to Wordpress or MovableType over from Blogger-type blogs.

    7. Use Services like FeedBurner which allow your Blog's feed to be easily distributed in a ready format to your site users. They also allow email subscription of your feeds.

    8. Another way of posting fresh content is by using News sources such as News sections of Google, MSN, Yahoo etc. If you pick up an article fast, you may rank well in the SEs. You can also pick up fresh news from ww.PRweb.com or submit your press-releases which helped me getting some traffic from SEs (for my food blog)

    9. Hosting your own blog is a better option (or use a host which give you free or cheap PHP hosting). Since many blogs are based on PHP, you are easily in control in case you want to expand your Blog.

    10. Sometimes, if you look up your server stats, you may find that visitors may have landed up in a totally different post then they intended (from the Search Engines). try fixing up your Permalinks or post a new post related to the search term. For example people might have searched for " sports trivia " and somehow they landed up in your post " Sports in England" , where you have nothing to offer in "sports trivia". Then write a new post on sports trivia and make sure you link to this post from the "sports in England" post

    11. Apart from regular adsense and other ads, you can opt for Ads for your feeds such as :

    Free Newsfeeds from FeedDirect
    Kanoodle - Providing Search-Targeted Sponsored Links Since 1999

    Though not popular, these ads allow you to monetize your RSS feeds.

    12. For clickbank prducts you can try AffiliateSensor - Your path to affiliate profits. which allow you to display contextual Clickbank ads (with or without images).

    13. A popular way of promtion is through services like technorati which allow users to find your blog or post through tags. For example you've made a post on Traveling to the Vatican and tagged it as "Travel to Vatican", tecnorati may help people find your blog post on that topic. Technorati is a definite and a must-use option for any blogger. Technorati: Home

    14. Social Bookmarking is another must-have for a blogger. Allowing people to Bookmark your Blog and specific posts help spread your blog's popularity. Social bookmarking sites are also a nice way to get many visitors fast to your site.

    Digg / News

    Apart from social bookmarking these sites ( Digg and Furl) allow you to submit "stories" or to specific articles on your blog which may bring immediate traffic.

    15. Some ways, other than news sources, to get articles are RSS feeds ffrom other sites/blogs. RSS feed search engines like

    Syndic8.com - Welcome to Syndic8.com - RSS Feeds, Atom Feeds, Interent Marketing - Lots and Lots of RSS Feeds Syndicated Web Content and Promotion allow you to get RSS feeds from million os sites.

    16. If posting directly to blogs using thier GUI seems difficult to you try tools like Wbloggar ( free ) or Post2blog ( trial)
    that allow you post, edit and retrieve to one or many of your blogs right from your desktop. This is helpful if you post many articles a day and hate to use your Blogger's interface. Post2Blog even allows you to add adsense and chitka codes to your ads.
    Post2Blog is a handy blog editor with live spellchecking and Flickr, Word, Firefox, RSS Readers integration

    17. Sometimes your Sever Stats (Keywords, referrers) may give you valuable info on search terms that you may have improvised on. In such cases do a research for those terms and make new posts.

    18. Some Plugins (Wordpress) allow you display Popular posts, related posts etc. These may help keep the Stickiness to your blog

    19. Also make use of tradtional Link exchanges like : Link Market - Free Link Exchange, Link Swap and Link Trade Directory. and GotLinks.com Free Link Exchange Service (I think now they are a paid service). Even though some may not find this useful, Search engines and people may find you through these directories.

    20. Sites like Need more traffic to your BLOG? Join BlogExplosion.com the internet's largest BLOG traffic generator! 100% FREE! allow traffic exchanges. members of this service are required to surf other member blogs before they earn credits. These credits can then be used for Posting free ads on member blogs for a particular time-period.

    21. Linking to other blogs can be made easier with BlogRolling - The best link manager for your weblog and more! which allow you to easily add and manage links.

    22. You may try for a blogger award from sites like Seventh Annual Weblog Awards ( a private awardee). These may make you famous (If you win ) and more popular. Alternatively if money is lying in your bank sponsor an award and be famous .

    23. Another alternative to adsense is Blog advertising makes opinions - Blogads stir opinion makers. This is gaining popularity among bloggers and may provide you with additional monetizing opps.

    24. Podcasting and Videoblogging are extras that you may use to enhance popularity (though I don't use them). Sites like YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. allow you to upload videos and then directly embed them in your blog using thier code.

    25. Scripts like MagpieRSS, CARP RSS, FeedforALL allow you display other sites feed or feeds in a search engine friendly format. Helpful if you want additional content to supplement yours.


    Create RSS Feeds, Edit and Publish News Feeds with Software

    CaRP : RSS to HTML converter : Free RSS PHP parser script download

    26. Using Photo hosting services like Welcome to Flickr - Photo Sharing (Yahoo) may save a lot of your bandwith ( If you're hosting your own blog). Wordpress and MovableType Blogs provide plugins which allow easy photo posting Through Flickr.

    27. Though Pinging ( Announcing to the world when you've posted a new article) is part of many blogging platforms some don't offer that facility.

    www.pingomatic.com(only pinging) and FeedBurner (pinging and many other features) offer you just that.

    28. Stickiness to your blog may be improved by : Quizzes , Polls and other such fun-stuff. People may atleast be willing to play and have fun even though they didn't find what they were looking for.

    29. Categorization of Posts (offered by many Blog softwares except Blogger) help vistors and SEs find relavant topics easily. If you 're using blogger consider switching over to Wordpress or Movabletype

    30. Weblogs, Inc. which is a huge company running a blognetwork on different topics, accept Bloggers and content writes to write articles for thier blogs or allow you to run your own blogs. You're paid to write good articles. Apart from getting good publicity you also get good traffic and get paid fot that.

    31. Last but not the least and the most important is CONTENT which keeps people coming over to blogs again and again.

    <img src="http://www.5staraffiliateprograms.com/images/halloffame.jpg" align="left" hspace="10" />
    [​IMG] Your words of wisdom will be added to the 5 Star Hall of Fame.

    "Since Blogging has become popular and useful to marketers today, here are few more ways that may be useful for promoting your blog:

    1. Commenting on other people's blogs : Comment fairly on other people's (similar to your's); Make sure you post relavant and useful comments, otherwise you'll be considered spam. Commenting helps you get : Spiders, New visitors and useful backlinks."

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  4. Teli

    Teli Affiliate affiliate

    Shaners...I am impressed.

    What an excellent resource and run down you've posted here. Very nice work indeed and helpful too. :)

    Thank you for contributing.

    ~ Teli
  5. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate

    Double ditto from me Shane. Awesome post!
  6. Eminem

    Eminem Affiliate affiliate

    Great post there. Nice article too...However, I don't understand the ping thingy...how does it help you in getting traffic? I have heard that by pinging you can get bots to visit your site...However, how? I just don't understand that concept..
  7. sarahk

    sarahk Affiliate affiliate

    Sadly even the people who ping often don't get the pingy thingy.

    The idea is that you send a tiny spike out to a site with your id or url and it recognises it and knows that you must have updated your site. They then tell their indexers to go and find the new content.

    There are systems like pingomatic.com which come standard with tools like wordpress which take a single ping and send it on out to any number of other directories. This means your site does less work, their site does more - plus they are constantly making sure the pings are headed in the right direction etc.

    Here are two gotchas
    1. A while back I was pinging a service which had ceased to exist and it slowed my whole site down. Annoying trying to work out which it was, pingomatic (and it's ilk) saves you from those concerns.
    2. Alot of the sites that pingomatic pings will only act on the ping if you have pre-registered with the directory. This means you need to be reviewing the ping list for changes and manually submitting your blog to each. After that the ping will be successful.

    Oh, and don't feel you have to badge your blog with the directory badges. Try it if you like, but don't feel obliged.
  8. buzzerhut

    buzzerhut New Member

    i know few peoples who have done nothing special to promote there blog all they do is keep adding unique and quality content :)
  9. Darwin

    Darwin Affiliate affiliate

    I am very interested in learning more about this. I noticed this was originally posted 2 years ago. My question is, in todays web 2.0 environment and Google's domination is this still a valid and relevant strategy? :cool:
  10. bronnamdi

    bronnamdi Affiliate affiliate

    I thought I knew a lot about blogging until I saw this post. I have saved the entire thread in my hard disk for future and more serious study.

    Thanks for making such information available to us for free.
  11. purplebear

    purplebear Affiliate affiliate

    I just bookmarked this page:) Am talking myself slowly into doin a blog. I think I can, I think I can.:p since I know absolutely nothin. So....this will definitely be a big help once I get goin. Thank you very much for posting it:D
  12. ErikJ

    ErikJ Affiliate affiliate

    Valuable resource. I have just applied a few of the examples to my site and appreciate the good information you have provided.
  13. mccain

    mccain New Member

    The article gave excellent information on how to generate traffic to blogs. There are a lot of new things that I learned. The popularity of blogs has been increasing and it is the right time to promote sites using blogs. Thanks for the suggestions.
  14. Taeran

    Taeran Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the post - I'm new to blogging & struggling to generate traffic!

    I've started working through your list....
    - one thing I have noticed is that submiting to blog directories is extremely time consuming...

    And what's the go with reciprocal links - do I really want a little icon from 500 blog directories on my site?!

    Anyway, thanks..

    Will keep trying!
  15. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate

    I think a program like Roboform helps a lot if you are doing lots of directory submissions. There are even some free Firefox addons that help do form fills.

    But you're right you don't want a big row of buttons either.
  16. Gareth_Boyd79

    Gareth_Boyd79 Affiliate affiliate

    Thats a good page full of quality content. I'm getting so much more into blogging than I was before. Hopefully I can make more money.
  17. andreww

    andreww Affiliate affiliate

    As buzzerhut mentioned, the "easiest" or "best" way to get traffic to your blog is to generate quality content.

    Here's a couple of definitions of "quality":
    1) It provides an answer to a problem (especially a painful, longterm or chronic problem).

    2) It entertains. It doesn't have to be "ha ha" funny, but it should not be written like a PhD thesis.

    3) It should be original. No one wants to read recycled, scraped, copy-and-pasted content.

    4) It should be written in as simple and clear a manner as possible. That means reducing jargon to a minimum, using examples, and expressing an idea in as simple terms as possible (so more people can relate).

    If you've mastered these "building block" principles of successful blogging, the other stuff (RSS, bookmarking, squidoo/hubpages, pingbacks/trackbacks, etc) are just a tool to bring more attention to your content.
  18. bbau01

    bbau01 Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the excellent writeup, many things to fine tune and implement for me...
  19. peiprofit

    peiprofit Affiliate affiliate

    One way to attract visitors that most people neglect is to deactivate the automated nofollow attribute for your blog comments.

    Meaning, when people comment in your blog, they will get a backlink to their site. So people will most likely visit your blog and comment more often for their SEO benefits and your own traffic benefit.
  20. peterc

    peterc Affiliate affiliate

    No matter how wel you market your blog, you still need "a good product".

    In other words, the first place to start is to write good, and unique content, as Andrewwee mentioned.

    After that the marketing can start...:D

    Good list of tips, by the way!

  21. Anomaly

    Anomaly New Member

    yes ... but just be on the watchout for spam ....

    one thing i didn't see mentioned (i skim read but may have missed it) ... linking to other people's posts in your posts ... generally generates a trackback or pingback that shows at the bottom of their article, amazing how much traffic that can bring you!