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We're back with another great episode, this time with no other than Oliver Kenyon, the man behind this amazing affiliate community! Today we dive deep into his exciting entrepreneurial journey from fully qualified chef to starting The Landing Page Guys - the business solution to your landing page needs that actually converts. Why? Because a pretty landing page iisn't going to get you sales without the right strategy, and that's where his expertise lies.

Tune in to hear why his 4 step funnel will set you up for landing page success and how he drove cold traffic conversion rate from 1% to 8% for a very happy client.

You'll Find Out:
  • Oliver's journey from qualified chef to online entrepreneur
  • The creation of The Landing Page Guys
  • Tips on juggling multiple projects and lessons learnt
  • 4 Step Funnel to set up your landing page success
  • Future plans for The Landing Page Guys
  • Rapid Fire Questions: 10 things you probably didn't know about Oliver Kenyon (What is he most afraid of? Is he a cat or dog person? What's his favourite holiday destination? )

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