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Get More with Smart Post-Click Optimization

Discussion in 'Tracking' started by Susan, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. Susan

    Susan Service Manager Service Manager Marketplace Seller affiliate

    Hi All,
    I`d like to share with you some info about post-click optimization option. It is more for newbies who are looking for some tips how to maximize their performance. You’ve chosen your winning creatives, specified geo and device targeting, day parting, and refined the landing page. So it is anything else how to increase conversion potential? Way how to get more out of every click is to think about if it is the most relevant destinations what the user wants to see. One of the option how to find it out is post-click optimization.

    Post-click optimization is a long term process and includes the following stages:
    Stage 1: Click Detection
    Stage 2: Data Analysis
    Stage 3: Segmentation & Filtering
    Stage 4: Selection & Specification of Destinations & Conversion Funnel
    Stage 5: Testing

    If you will give your customers what they are looking for and have a good experience they will more likely to convert. You can find more at our Blog. Good luck xxx
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