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Get HIGH in Google with these Social Marketing Sites

Linda Buquet

Which of the many new social networking sites can net you top Google Rankings? Everyone knows about Squidoo, but there are several others that aren't quite as saturated by overly aggressive marketers yet.

The 2 videos below each show <strong>a single person almost completely dominating the every listing on the 1st page of Google</strong>. Granted some of the search terms are not overly competitive, however if you are launching a new niche site, this strategy could get you much higher than a new virgin domain could. <strong>Now before I continue, let me stress that I am not advocating spamming Google by using multiple social sites. NO don't do it! </strong> I am also not endorsing or trying to get you to buy the $1,200 membership package at the end of these videos - at all.

My only point is to show you some of the social sites that CAN get TOP Google rankings. My advice is to pick ONE and use it to your advantage to get a good ranking with good content that links to your your main site or the merchant site if the social platform allows affiliate links.

<center><strong>"Who Stole Halloween From Google? A Terrifying SEO Thriller"</strong>

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<a href="">Rick Butts</a> did the video above and it links to another video that shows other top social rankings. <a href="">Google Domination Video</a> by Howie Schwartz

Here is a list of some of the social marketing sites in the videos that got top Google rankings, plus a couple others I have either researched or heard other marketers having success with.

In no particular order (research and see which one may work for you)
zanga (no not zango!)
tumblr (30 day challenge spammers caused problems and may have ruined it)
squidoo (over saturated but still works if you put in enough energy)

Let's add to this list everyone. If you see a top 10 Google ranking from an entry on any other social sites, add the social site to the list for people to research. Give us the search term and the social site it's on.

James Spinosa

I'm a huge fan of Squidoo and hubpages, squidoo currently makes up the majority of my income despite owning multiple domains that I market quite heavily (although they are catching up quick, should surpass my Squidoo income soon). If I can make one recommendation.. ClickBank and HubPages were made for each other, pair it with some article marketing and you will see very nice results.


Linda has a good list started. Many people do not realize the hundreds of social media sites available online that can help you build back links and generate free traffic.

I believe as time goes by, many of the paid link building campaigns will be done with as you can use the social media sites to do the same thing but even quicker, like using squidoo.


New Member
I use Squidoo, HubPages, GoArticles, and EzineArticles. So far HubPages has gotten me on Google the fastest. That's really good to know about Clickbank and HubPages. Thanks for the info.


Hey Linda,

Thanks for such a unique posting. Youtube video is also quite informative to learn little bit about squidoo.


Hubpages can be good if you have a hubscore above 75 otherwise the links use the nofollow tag.

How do you keep the hubscore high?

Make a new hub about every 10 days with quality content. Get a few backlinks to the hubs using a combo of other social networking sites and social bookmarks. Maybe even some light article marketing.

John Michael Colman

Wetpaint vs Squidoo

I want to create a machine review site(for my specific industry) and I am trying to figure out whether I should do it on Squidoo or on WetPaint???
Previously I gave done a lot of work on both sites and I now that they both rank very well, but I want to make sure that any comments or post's from visitors to the site(or Lens) are SEO friendly...

I am kinda leaning towards Wetpaint, because of Overall site capabilities, but I think Squidoo ranks better, and looks more friendly.(to none web guru's...)

Any Thoughts or Suggestions? :cool:
John Michael


New Member
This is cool. I dominated one niche with Goarticles, hubpages and digg - all on the first page! The only problem, the site that it was linking to came in at #1 on the second page!


CB & Hub's

I have used hubpages and clickbank together probably since hubpages came out, and it works like a charm.
Key points:
Fresh content?
A hub once a week will do you good.
Bookmake it with Digg it will show up 100x?s as fast.
And if you want to do over kill add a YouTube video, make sure to tag it correctly !
add it to the page and your off ?.