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Selling Get accepted at any CPA Network within Five Days

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by XNet, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. XNet

    XNet Affiliate affiliate

    “If You Don’t Take Advantage Of This Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later.”

    How to get accepted into any CPA
    Network within five days

    I don’t even live in the US and I’'ve already created dozens of CPA accounts.

    Have you ever been denied by a CPA network when they called you and you didn’t know what to say on the phone?

    Have you ever been denied by a CPA network because you don’t live in the United States?

    Have you ever been denied by a CPA network because they don’t like your promotion methods?

    I am revealing never before seen secrets that have helped me get countless accounts approved. I was able to make a killing by following a simple script and plan. CPA networks are literally furious that I am revealing the inside workings of their system. In this exclusive eBook I reveal all tricks of the trade that have helped me run an insanely profitable CPA business. For the first time ever anyone, even complete Internet Marketing newbies and people who live abroad can get a CPA account within five days. Guaranteed. This eBook contains NEVER BEFORE SEEN secrets and tricks that you will NEVER be able to find online, in any forum or on any other website. This is exclusive information that nobody else has access to.

    In my eBook I reveal all of the secrets I used consistently, and still use to this day, to get CPA accounts for individuals in different situations.

    1. Individuals living in the United States
    People who are new to internet marketing or are simply a little afraid of getting on the phone with an affiliate manager can folow this step by step guide that I have laid out to get a CPA account in a mere 24 hours if you work fast.

    2. Individuals Living Abroad
    Sometimes CPA networks are hesitant to take in affiliates from non-US countries. My eBook lists seven killer secrets for making yourself look like a super affiliate who makes thousands a day with other CPA networks and runs a massive company. These secrets can be applied within hours and make it impossible for any network to deny you.

    What Do I Get:
    This eBook comes with a lot of content you can use immediately to jumpstart the CPA approval process.
    Plus a list of CPA networks you won’t need a phone call for.

    My CPA Approval Guide contains insider secrets that can get you any CPA Account, even if you have never tried getting one before, in just 5 days. Guaranteed. I worked hard to write down everything you need to know..on as few pages as possible. No fluff. You only get the essentials…on eleven pages chock-full of useful tips and secrets. These eleven pages contain everything you need to know.
    Plus: As a bonus you will get a list of CPA Networks that approve you without a phone call. I’ve tried this list myself and now I don’t even know how to keep tabs on the dozens of networks I’m a member of. This list alone is worth thousands of dollars. You don’t need to wait to get approved. You can start making money right away.

    The CPA Approval Guide is on sale right now for $7.
    PM me for my PayPal address.

    Seven measly bucks! That’s 64 cents per page. And these 64 cents open the gates to hundreds of income possibilities.
    With most CPA networks you will get paid $1,50 for a simple email submit. That means: If you only get five leads in your time as a CPA marketer you will already have paid for this handy little guide.​
  2. terraleads
  3. mtmjohn

    mtmjohn Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Any review copy? ;)
  4. XNet

    XNet Affiliate affiliate

    Sent you a PM
  5. dzanzil

    dzanzil Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Can we get some reviews?
  6. sumonmobile

    sumonmobile Affiliate affiliate

    i want to buy ur methods plz contact me skype: sumon19891
  7. nitroux

    nitroux Affiliate affiliate

    I think we have .K for that...
  8. 1962vl

    1962vl Affiliate affiliate

    i thought its a service, if its a service, it would have been nice.
  9. EymardSiojo

    EymardSiojo GRIND! affiliate

    I don't want to kill the seller or the thread. Lol.
    but, you can do this for free and easy. Com'on... I don't earn a single $ but i am in 13 networks which 3 of them is private.
  10. JohnCPAAlpha

    JohnCPAAlpha Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    I don't want to knock the seller either. But this is what CPAFix is known for. A lot of the networks are right here on the forum. When people are first starting out they need to save their money and not spend it on stuff like this.
    Just apply be honest and straight forward with the networks. We give chances to new marketers all the time.
  11. baliboy

    baliboy Affiliate affiliate


    Yeah.. agree with you..

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