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Linda Buquet

I'm leaving this one it here for fun and to make a point.

tpagoota I have seen you SPAM this offer to lots of affiliate forums. For $1 per sign-up is it even worth your time? Can't imagine many are signing up - if any at all. Think of how much you could make with the same amount of time - if you learned how to market a great product with great commission in an ethical way. :eek:

Linda, I have a question for you. It seems that this particular room is to post your affiliate links in. That's why it says, Post your affiliate link here. That's what this person did, and you are saying she's spamming. Then what's this room for? And you're saying you can't imagine people signing up for this product, but yet, you're referring your own daughter to this site.

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I see a lot of forum SPAM on other forums promoting SurveyClub, so I wasn't sure how legit it was. Good to know they pay! My daughter who is ready to have her 1st child this month and loves working at home online, would really like doing something like this. Just sent her a link to this forum, so hopefully she will join.

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Something doesn't sound right here!!!

Linda Buquet


Welcome to the 5 Star forums.

I can see how you would be confused by that - the key is in the dates.

On another forum I mod which strictly prohibits any ads or links at all, people keep posting surveyclub links over and over even when I PM them nicely not to, then the forums have to ban them for spamming. So then the person above posted here IN ALL CAPS and I saw them post the same thing in several other forums which IMHO is pure Drive-by Spam.

That's why I said today at WAHM "I see a lot of forum SPAM on other forums promoting SurveyClub, so I wasn't sure how legit it was."

Today when I saw people discussing the program - not just posting Spam links, and especially seeing that people were making money that's when I saw it in a little different light.

But here is an important point I would like to make. When I said it's OK to post affiliate links here, what I meant was just like on WAHM where existing ACTIVE members share money making ideas with each other and it's OK for them to post a link to help others out.

That is much different IMHO than the poster above that never said hi, never did an intro - just typed THE SAME SPAM IN ALL CAPS to a bunch of forums. That's not about a member sharing, that's just plain spam.

I guess maybe I will look into a way to change the forum setting so you need to have 10 or 20 posts before you can advertise. Then active members can have the right to post their links, after they have gotten to know each other and participated with the rest of the group. This would cut down on the drive-by SPAM too. Sorry if my intentions for this part of the forum were not clear. I will change it over the weekend.

Hope this helps clarify.

Linda Buquet


Due to the heads up you gave me and due to the amount of SPAM I have been having to delete, I just changed the wording of this part of the forum so it would not sound like I was just inviting people to just come and post links. Also now require members to have 10 posts before they post in this forum.

Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention.

Thanks for clarifying!!! That's a little more helpful. I was going to post something in here but then saw that and was confused to whether or not I could post in here.

And I'm not sure if doing the 10 or 20 posts thing will work so well. This board is new still and there's not to much to respond to, etc. I've been reading things and have visited and will continue to visit to look to see if any new affiliate programs come up, but I don't post a lot and I know others who do the same thing. I've seen it on other boards, where you have to be a member, for a week or a month. I don't know if that's helped them reduce spam or not, but it may work well here.

Linda Buquet

HI, that's another idea too, length of time. I know lots of forums where you have to have a certain number of posts before you can place an ad or even before you can have a sig.

I want to be fair to everyone, but I need to try to save my carpal tunnel for helping people and posting advice instead of having to waste it sending PM warnings and deleting posts.

I had really loose rules in the beginning since it was mainly affiliates I know who understand forum etiquette and know how to play by the rules. As the forum gets busier I just get more and more spam. So now I am having to tighten up the rules too.

I would have a forum with NO rules if I could. But I have already had people complain the forum is TOO spammy and loose. So it's a fine line and you just can't please everyone all the time. I try, but it's hard.


I agree with you Linda. It's pretty straight forward how you have it set up in my opinion. Basically, just don't make mutliple self promotion posts throughout the forum and be an active member of the community.

Forum Free Loaders (as I like to call them) usually never intoduce themselves and make their first post as a self promotion. That's pretty lame and identifies you as a newb.