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George Brown's Google Sniper 2.0 - Real and honest case study

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by cpadatingmaster, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. cpadatingmaster

    cpadatingmaster Affiliate affiliate

    Hi folks,

    I just want to share with you my success with George Brown's Google Sniper 2.0 affiliate marketing money make method. For those who don't know, Google sniper 2.0 is affiliate marketing course, step-by-step guide on how to dominate Google search engine for every product or service.
    My first contact with Google sniper was in late 2011 and for me is the best affiliate marketing course I ever bought.
    From that course I learn a lot about SEO, keywords and EMD and keep using it till today.

    So follow my case study and learn about power of WP blog and Google sniper 2.0 system.

    As a marketplace I choose ClickBank and as a product I choose Bryan Winters 5 Figure Day money make system. I will not explain what is 5 Figure day but how I manage to rank it high on the SE and start drive traffic on a free organic way.


    As you can see from the photo above, 5 figure day has high gravity and that means it sells great by other affiliates. In the gsniper 2 course there are two approach:

    • targeting direct product name (what I did)
    • pick up product and find long tail keyword around main keyword that has low competition and high monthly research.

    On Godaddy I buy domain name which is 5figuredayincome.org, set up name servers to my Bluehost server, register domain on my Bluehost server and install Wordpress script on that domain.
    Following instruction from the course I create content and optimize entire blog for the search engine using several plugins offered by WP itself.

    After 2-3 weeks my blog start to rank high on the search engine and start to drive traffic to my site and affiliate link what results sales.

    Yesterday I check keyword position using small seo online tool and here are the results:


    As you can see, my website is on the first page of Google for few main keywords related to the product name. This is the power of Google Sniper. In a very short period of time can rank high for almost any product or services.

    5 figure day is product that has 0 initial cost for the first month but after it cost 97$ monthly. $44.00 is mine every month if customer stay with the program.

    Check now my CB transaction stat for the last 3 days...


    You can see that there is 2 new registration and one rebill what earn me $44.36 (don't look other transaction coming from other product I sell).

    This is exact proof that Google sniper 2.0 still work and it will work in 2014 (there are no reason not to). I use this method when I have time to create content and site suitable for sniping.
    For the next case study I will prepare Google sniper method and CPA Neverblue offer so stay tuned...
  2. terraleads
  3. aharvey101

    aharvey101 Affiliate affiliate

    This is simply amazing. Even after all the changes that google has made, George Brown's methods still work. I purchased this course but didn't follow through properly so my site didn't work, (also I chose helicopter flight simulation for my niche so go figure.)
  4. dillardsm

    dillardsm Affiliate affiliate

    That's a good break down of that course. I thought about picking it up a few years ago. A few years of reading and no certain actions. 2014 is definitely going to be different. I built a few adsense sites a while back but lost interest quickly. I'll be looking for your upcoming cpa case studies.
  5. EymardSiojo

    EymardSiojo GRIND! affiliate

    Nice man! Tnx for the case study.
  6. Jhakasseo

    Jhakasseo Affiliate affiliate

    Just I have some question I have you can shed some lights on it.
    I have domain which is 7 month old and have targeted all long tail keywords for health niche. One of long tail keyword is having 17000+ monthly searches that I am ranking for 6th position of google.
    But even I am on 6th position I am not making any sale even hopes are not that much. Just 4-5 hopes per day.

    What could be issue here?
  7. ralphubok

    ralphubok Affiliate affiliate

    thanks for the useful info, hope to hear from you soon
  8. cpadatingmaster

    cpadatingmaster Affiliate affiliate

    Well, as I learn, there are 2 types of keywords:

    1. Buyers one
    2. Surfers one

    ou need to find out Buyers keyword and around that one set up a site...
  9. Agdiverse

    Agdiverse Affiliate affiliate

    Good info., I'm just not ready to wrap my mind around SEO. Too much time consumption and steps -to- reward for me. IDK IJS
  10. Dario

    Dario Moderator moderator Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Google Sniper was a good product and I`m sure some part of that "course" could be still useful for SEO these days.
  11. lrs1995

    lrs1995 Well-Known Member affiliate

    SEO is great way to get traffic but everything topples over when google comes out with a new update.
  12. TC Yeap

    TC Yeap Affiliate affiliate

    Definitely tuning in :)

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