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Funny thing happened on my way to introduce myself


A funny thing happened on my over here to introduce myself as Linda so politely asked me to do ... lol ... I had to stop and post to other topics of interest. <drool>

Now you've done it Linda! This like an addiction! More! More!

I have a mixed bag of experience that I tap into from having worked in Marketing and Development side of Affiliate Marketing, to Affiliate Program Management, and as an Affiliate myself.

I prefer the Affiliate's side of the business myself, but I still have a few accounts that I do management for mostly because they won't let me quit. :p

I started the Affiliate Guild to help support Affiliates and I see it as an added value to existing affiliate related services. So, I will be adding and promoting all things that will help affiliates to learn their craft better. Contact me, if you have a solid service or product that I haven't added yet ... tour the site first please.

I also have a background in SEO and work as a Webmaster. So, I'm probably a Webmaster Affiliate becuase I'm always building something. It's so freakin' fun!

I'm a prolific writer and blogger, so you might see me around the Net. That's about it. I'm happy to share my knowledge with you all and really happy to learn from YOU. ;)

Thanks for taking the time to read this. See you in the forums!


<b><font size=2>In Memoriam - Loyal Administrator<
Thanks for the introduction sidhewolf. It is nice to have you as a 5 Star member.

Often when a person introduces themselves I will encourage them to do some posting, but you started doing that before you introduced yourself. I hope you will remain in the habit of posting.

Your experience and knowledge should be helpful to 5 Star members and visitors.

Linda Buquet

Hey Bobbie,

Thanks for the intro and all the posts you've already jumped into. We look forward to having you around whenever you have the time. I know what a busy 'gurl' you are! :p