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Fresh Lead Vs Old Lead

Discussion in 'Lead Generation' started by Happy Marketer, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. Happy Marketer

    Happy Marketer Affiliate affiliate

    My entire experience of past 12 months suggests that new leads are well converting the old one. My experience also indicates that new leads are interested in one topic or niche for max seven days. On the other hand event, marketing is working well on old leads. For example, your leads are from the US and you'll see father's day, mother's, valentines day's offers are well converting those leads. What is your experience by the way?
  2. terraleads
  3. Dead Pool

    Dead Pool Affiliate affiliate

    Leads are always responsive if you are taken care of it. Old leads are more responsive if you filter out the buyer list and build a good reputation with them. No matter what niche are you targeted.
  4. TheLeadsArentWeak

    TheLeadsArentWeak Affiliate affiliate

    I think he means (more)"aged data" when he is saying "old leads".

  5. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    When you plan well and take good care of the leads, I am so sure that they will convert and work in favor of your needs. I can not therefore say that the old ones are better than the new ones. For example, your own experience, you have had the new leads doing very well than the old ones and that might be different from the other person. I do guess is because of the several and different methods that we use during the lead generation. They usually play a very major role in defining the outcomes.
  6. badboy_nick

    badboy_nick Affiliate affiliate

    Don't waste your time with old or aged leads.

    99% of buyers prefer fresh, real-time leads and are more than happy to pay more for it. Remember they have to pay staff and overhead, so it makes a lot more sense for them to pay more for an expensive high-quality lead ... than a lot less to process a ton of lower quality leads.

    Hope that helps ;)
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  7. arush4491

    arush4491 Affiliate affiliate

    Leads can typically be divided into three groups: fresh, stale and frozen, with the ultimate goal of converting them from lead to opportunity to sale.

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