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For Hire Freelance Design / Marketing Professional ready to work

Discussion in 'Employment Opportunities - Offering' started by MobDesignGuy, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. MobDesignGuy

    MobDesignGuy Affiliate affiliate

    NEW SITE IS COMING SOON >>> Watch this space!

    I'm an experienced graphic / web designer working in the adult / mainstream industry for 15+ years. I'm a professional guy so if you contact me I am happy to send you my linkedin profile so you know I am who I say I am too.

    I worked for several years for one of the biggest mobile adult ad networks designing subscription products, landing pages and banners for various affiliate/subscription product campaigns.

    I am now looking to use that knowledge and experience for clients who want a designer who understands they want to make money $$$ and not for things to just look good although I will do that too ;)

    > MULTIPLE OPTIMISATION CHANGES (In the first week after launch)

    My skills and experience include but are not limited to

    ---- Design ----

    Website Design
    Mobile product design
    Landing page design and coding (mobile / desktop)
    Banner design (animated / Static)
    Content management (Wordpress)
    Video editing (Web ads)

    I can send samples of my work while I get my site setup

    I also have a solid print background so print advertising is no problem either if that is what you need.


    I've created and managed ppc display campaigns across multiple social media networks and Goggle Adwords. I am highly analytical so can make sure we can track your performance and adapt creative accordingly

    Get in touch if you think we can work together as I'm always open to new opportunities.
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  3. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    WELCOME ...[​IMG]

    Why don't you try an introduction first instead of a massive self promotion -- people buy from their friends -- especially in B2B circles ;)

    Isn't promoting before you have a working website like putting the cart in front of the horse?
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  4. MobDesignGuy

    MobDesignGuy Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Graybeard,

    Thank you for the welcome and I totally took what you said on board so I have managed to put together a website and I filled out my bio to give everyone a bit of detail on my background and the skills I am looking to offer.

    Hope to chat more soon,
  5. MobDesignGuy

    MobDesignGuy Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Kemeron5,

    Thank you for the warm welcome :) I have got my site up and running now so hope I can help you with any design work you may need in the future.

    All the best,
  6. neurobeats

    neurobeats Affiliate affiliate

    So are you looking for a partner who does digital too or other stuff? Cuz I'm pretty talented the st the majority of digital marketing but am looking for a partner to kinds] of put our heads n skills together heads together, tackle issues creatively etetcd. I don't design (assuming you dont count Canva? Lol) But I pretty much have freelanced *ad gotten may raise based on my experience and performance. But they are holding me back and i can do so much more.

    I see its been a lof time ut if you're still interested, I definitely ab