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Free Website Hosting

Discussion in 'Domains and Hosting' started by Ricus, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Ricus

    Ricus Guest

    Free Website Hosting services are quite common at the moment and are very popular among younger people. This mainly is the case, because they do not have a large budget and may not even be allowed to access eCommerce systems, such as paypal. These offer a huge possibility for these young entrepeneurs!
    So have you ever tried a free web hosting service before?
  2. Voluum
  3. Steve31

    Steve31 Affiliate affiliate

    Yes i tried once, But I didn't find it good service so i left and start to use paid web hosting service.
  4. lowriderSTi

    lowriderSTi Affiliate affiliate

    I'm not the biggest fan of free hosting. If you want quality services, you pay for them.
  5. isuit21

    isuit21 Affiliate affiliate

    I love using free web hosting services and I am still using them myself. Of course I have tried using some paid services before and have noticed a difference. They mostly have a better support, grant you more features and more freedom.
  6. EdwardKingston

    EdwardKingston Affiliate affiliate

    I'm still using Free web hosting, because my budget is small.
  7. bauss

    bauss Affiliate affiliate

    I'm currently using a free hosting service, but I do a lot of searching before selecting a free host. I'm currently hosted with NifyHost.us and it's a post to host.
  8. afh

    afh Affiliate affiliate

    I can't say I've ever been impressed with a free host. Complaints include sites going offline several times a day, a few of my sites being deleted (I keep good backups) databases being corrupted or deleted, the list goes on.
    Why bother, with so many hosts now offering unlimited accounts for next to nothing, it's a no-brainer.

    This is a business, and as with any other business rent is one of your first expenses, and better locations cost a little more, but in the end translate to more traffic. Online businesses are the same, and where your server is physically located and it's ping times and latency do affect search engine ratings.

    You get what you pay for, I guess.
  9. memento_mori

    memento_mori Affiliate affiliate

    Hostzilla's Free Cloud Hosting is pretty good in my opinion. Other than the 100MB diskspace limit, from my personal experience it was better than some paid web hosting services I have tried.
  10. Tara

    Tara Affiliate affiliate

    Yes, I have used free hosting services. Free hosting is great for testing new niches or new themes and templates. I wouldn't use free hosting for a site that I depend on for income.
  11. Mr.Panos

    Mr.Panos Affiliate affiliate

    I haven't used free hosting because I believe that they are not reliable. Their support is not good and the forums which are hosted by free hosting are not so protected. All forums which I owned were hosted by paid hosting. They have great support and the server was never down.
  12. rage35

    rage35 Affiliate affiliate

    I have used free hosting services and it's good for people who just wanted to familiarize hosting services like me. It's my first time to enter web hosting so I am not quite familiar with its features so what I did, I looked for free web hosting services and try them out before going to paid hosting. If I were to choose, I will not going to build my long term site in free web hosting services because quality hosting needs to be paid.
  13. Nymph

    Nymph Affiliate affiliate

    I've tried free hosts purely for testing purposes - they aren't great for anything other than this. One thing I never do is upload a script I paid for to their servers. They can easily be confiscated and stolen, and it has happened to people before. Be careful who you choose, as they may be free for a less than ethical reason.
  14. emd3

    emd3 Affiliate affiliate

    I was under the impression that you can't really make money off of a site that has free hosting. Is this true, or is it still possible? I started off using free hosting from Worpress, but I was so limited by what I could do, that I quickly switched to Wordpress.org and found a hosting site. I would love to be able to make money from a blog without paying for hosting, but like afh said, you get what you pay for.
  15. Brad60

    Brad60 Affiliate affiliate

    I have tried it before but the fact that if you have no budget it puts people off your site have a sub domain that is completely irrelevant to your niche, Clothes,000host.com etc.
  16. wasi90lk

    wasi90lk Affiliate affiliate

    If you want to be serious about your website, then go for paid hosting.

    Free hosting is not very reliable in my opinion. But if you don't have money for hosting, go for free hosting.
  17. CodeMaster67

    CodeMaster67 Affiliate affiliate

    wasi90lk Well you can't say that about all free hosting sites, see you just have to look into them and take time to investigate.
  18. wasi90lk

    wasi90lk Affiliate affiliate

    Normally when someone offers you free hosting, there is a catch.

    Either the free hosting provider displays their own ads or there are other restrictions.

    For instance, on Weebly you can get free hosting. But they have tons of limitations. You cannot have more than 3 advertising banners, you have to share 50% Adsense revenue with Weebly etc.
  19. protoboard

    protoboard Affiliate affiliate

    I have used Free Hosting in the past and I have had mostly good experiences. I only used hostings that didn't put any ad on my sites. I think Free Hosting can be a good option if you are just starting and don't want to invest any money. But if you are planning on making money with your site you are almost always better with a paid hosting because with free ones you can't never be sure if they are going to be live the next day or if they will cut your service off without a notice.

    If you are planning on using free hosting do try 000webhost.com. I think they are the best.
  20. jacktheking

    jacktheking Affiliate affiliate

    Yeah.. I use Free hosting service before. Or should i say that currently i am also using? Anyway, most of the free host out there is bad. I mean the file space, bandwidth etc.. But what can i expect to see with a free hosting? Anyway, if you guy have any good free hosting.. please tell me. Thanks!:)
  21. fltdude

    fltdude Affiliate affiliate

    Free hosting is nice when your budget isn't big enough in order to register a domain, but as other forumers mentioned, it limits the possibilities of having a high revenue through your site. People/customers won't invest time and money in a site unless it looks professional enough.