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FREE Keyword List Cleaner & Stripper from SEOBook

Linda Buquet

NOTE: This thread also contains GREAT RESOURCES for finding and generating your KW lists.

Many of the keyword sources you could use to pull keywords for PPC or even for optimizing pages for natural search provide data in a format that's difficult to use. Aaron Wall over at SEOBook just created a new <strong>free keyword cleaning tool</strong> that makes it super easy to grab a list of keywords from just about any public source, clean it up, and sort it in order of which terms have the greatest potential value.

HOT TIP: Use Aaron's tool in combination with the FREE keyword grabber tool I blogged about last week. <
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OK, so here's a little bit about how Aaron's <strong>free keyword cleaning tool</strong> works.

.:. <a href="">SpyFU</a> - scrapes Google and shows where sites have ranked and which keywords they are buying
.:. <a href="">URL Trends</a> - scrapes Google and shows where sites have ranked for some keywords
.:. <a href="">Wordtracker's free version</a>
.:. <a href="">Keyword Discovery's free version</a>
.:. <a href="">Google's Keyword tool</a> - recommends keywords based on a word you enter, a website in general, or a specific web page
.:. <a href="">Overture</a>
.:. Related keyword suggestions from search engines or your server logs

<strong>Step 2: Use the SEObook Tool to Clean Up Your List</strong> - The keyword list cleansing tool offers 4 functions: make alphanumeric, strip numbers, strip poorly targeted words, strip any phrase containing a certain bad or untargeted word.

Go here to grab the <strong><a target="_new" href="">SEOBook free keyword cleaning tool</a></strong> and get all the info about how to use it. Here's <a target="_new" href="">Aaron's blog</a> about it if you want to comment or ask questions.
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