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Free Downloadable Customer Avatar Worksheet

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by Rvfamily, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. Rvfamily

    Rvfamily Affiliate affiliate

    Hello Fellow AF'ers!,

    I was reading some of Finch's materials about how he begins every new campaign (key lesson: he has a specific process he goes through every time he starts a new campaign) and the checklist he uses when he does.

    One of the key components of that checklist is the competion of a customer avatar for the offer he is looking to begin promoting.

    By completing the customer avatar worksheet, he is able to clearly define:
    • who his target customer/audience is
    • where he needs to focus his marketing efforts
    • what types of ads and angles might work best for this audience
    • what "pain points" his customer has
    Armed with this information, he knows how he might best succeed with his upcoming offer.

    I spent some time looking at what I felt were some of the best customer avatar worksheets on the web and I compiled this one after much research.

    I hope you are diligent enough to follow the processes of a very successful CPA marketer and make use of an avatar worksheet in your campaigns.

    You can pick up the one I created here.

    As always,
    Here's to your success!

    aka The Nomadic Marketer
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  2. newbidder

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