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FREE "Backlinks for SEO" Audio Course from James Martell

Linda Buquet

My friend, James Martell, who is also 5 Star forum member, industry author and affiliate marketing guru is offering a free Audio Mini Course I wanted to let you all know about.

Natural Search Expert James Martell Tells You How To Achieve Top-10 Results With Quality Inbound Links In FREE 5-Day Backlinks *Audio* Mini-Course That Can be Downloaded To Your iPod, New iPhone, Or Streamed From Your Computer

Recognizing that today's Webmasters are busy, oftentimes overwhelmed, and looking for a proven resource they can count on to keep them abreast the ever-changing search engine strategies, natural search engine expert James Martell has just released excerpts and commentary from his recent sold-out live Backlinks Workshop, held recently in his online conference room.

Delivered to your inbox each day for five days for free, these information-packed, 30-minute sessions tell you exactly what's working today with Google and the other search engines so you're not wasting your valuable time. Each mini series session can be quickly and easily be downloaded to your iPod or iPhone, or listened to from your desktop, which means you can join in on the timely instruction while on-the-go or from home, at any time that works best for you.

Additionally, these "bite-size" teachings from Martell allow you to learn in increments, making sure that, upon completion of the five-part *audio*mini series, you have a full understanding of everything you need to create, grow and maintain your own backlinks campaign, which will catapult your site past even your toughest competitor and into the top 10 search results.

These five 30-minute informative excerpts and commentary from James Martell's sold-out Backlinks Workshop will be delivered directly to your inbox (one a day for five days) and will provide you with 21 reasons why you need to achieve top 10 rankings, as well as the latest information on:

? Google and the other search engines so you're not wasting your valuable time
? Three tips you must know if you are going to have a successful inbound link campaign
? Exactly how he goes through the process of analyzing his competitor's backlinks
? How you can rank a single page of content for multiple keywords
? Important information on the subject of duplicate content
? Exactly how to organize your first backlinks campaign
? How to contact potential link partners
? How to approach these webmasters with the idea of publishing content from you (that is relevant to their sites) so you can get high-quality backlinks for your own website
? About a free service from Google that helps you track this data
? And more

After all, what Webmaster doesn't want to see their site in the elusive top 10 search engine results? This is where the real profits are made and while paid advertising helps your site climb the search return ladder, it's quality inbound links from high-ranking search engine trusted websites that will yield the real results, and these don't cost a dime.

Instead, what is required is a solid inbound linking campaign, and no one knows this better than successful online publisher, speaker and author of Affiliate Marketers Handbook - '2006' (THIRD EDITION).

James Martell, who has perfected the process of achieving top 10 results naturally, which explains why his recent Backlinks Workshop sold out and received rave reviews from attendees.

"These workshops are so well constructed and balanced. Each one has exceeded my expectations," says workshop attendee Paul Noble. "James' presentation style shows (him) to be a natural genuine teacher, passing along not only information, but insight, confidence and enthusiasm (too). After the five weeks, I can say it is a privilege to be a part of the workshop."

Sign-up for the FREE 5-Day Backlinks *Audio* Mini-Series is quick and easy. Once enrolled, the free, five-day inbound link building course will be sent directly to you your inbox, one each day for five days. In true Martell fashion, there are no strings attached. The *audio* mini-course sessions are yours for the asking, with no further obligation.

Sign up here:
Backlinks Mini-Series - Session #1