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Free affiliate program listing sources


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I hope these will be beneficial to affiliate managers in listing their affiliate programs for free:

Linda Buquet

FYI, many of those sources are not very good and some are not even places you can promote your affiliate program.

For instance you can't promote your program at Sam, Jangro or Wayne Porters blog
or any of the other GURU blogs listed and don't try comment or ping spam, it won't fly.
Plus many of the directories listed are pretty funky.

Be careful with lists like this so you don't waste your time.

ahzuberi, I appreciate you posting the list as there may be some good resources in there but for the most part the only directories worth listing your affiliate program at can be found at the top of this list which is rated by Google PR.

Google Directory > Affiliate Programs > Resources > Directories
Only about the top 12 are worth submitting to and #1 is not even a directory
and #5 is 5 Star (how appropriate that I came in #5) and I don't take free submissions.