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Free Affiliate Magazine - Dec Perfect Affiliates

Linda Buquet

Newbie affiliates need to take advantage of all the GOOD free training resources they can get. One of the best is the Affiliate Classroom magazine.
Here is info about this issue plus you can read all the past issues filled with training, tips and resources.

Are YOU the Perfect Affiliate? What does the perfect affiliate look like? What do they do that makes them so special? Debi wants to know...

<a target="_new" href=""><img src="" alt="affiliate classroom"align="left" hspace="10" width="150" height="193" /></a>The cover story in the December 2006 issue of <a target="_new" href="">Affiliate Classroom Magazine</a> comes from Debi Rabin, who is in charge of Business Development for Spectrum Direct Insurance Services. Debi felt that affiliates are always speculating about the "perfect merchant," but merchants rarely get to talk about the "perfect affiliate!"

So Debi asked some of her fellow affiliate management professionals "What's the perfect affiliate like?" and turned the answers into an article called <strong>"All I Want for Christmas Is the Perfect Affiliate." </strong>It's a great read, and full of advice about how to professionalize yourself in the eyes of affiliate managers!

You'll also find a look back at the past two years of Affiliate Classroom Magazine, which is celebrating its anniversary by allowing all Affiliate Classroom affiliates to brand the magazine.

So now you can sign up for the AC affiliate program, and earn recurring income on 2 tiers just by branding and distributing the magazine! Pretty cool. (I noticed that in this issue, you can also earn on two top Clickbank products - nice! And typical of AC's generosity towards its affiliates.)

To top it off, there's a big review article of three products that got a lot of affiliates are talking about this past year, and a summary of the year's best Web 2.0 marketing ideas. All that, and the price is right - <a target="_new" href="">Affiliate Classroom Magazine is free!</a>