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Follow my affiliate journey...

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by Chillywilly1993, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. Chillywilly1993

    Chillywilly1993 Affiliate affiliate


    So i am doing my first follow along on here and im pretty excited! I've had some decent success so far with my other projects but im hoping i can really kill it with this one!

    So here is a breakdown of my Niche and keyword according to the Google keyword planner tool:

    searches per month: 8,100
    results in Google: 3,250,000 (bit high but not many websites specifically targeting my keyword
    related keywords: there are about 6 other related keywords all which get over 1,000 searches a month that I'm also hoping to rank for.

    My Plan!

    I've set up accounts/ pages for Tumblr, Facebook, Google + and Pinterest.
    Forums: I've found some relevant forums that I will use to build backlinks and promote my products
    Reddit: I'm not going to rely solely on Reddit but I know first hand that it is a great source for getting targeted users to my sites and this keyword has the potential to go viral.

    I literally just set this site up so I have nothing else to report but I will update this thread in a few days with more info! Feel free to ask any questions you may have (except I'm not going to reveal my keyword!!!)

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  2. terraleads
  3. Chillywilly1993

    Chillywilly1993 Affiliate affiliate

    Ok so here is my first update! It's still early days and I've not got a whole lot to report but here is a summary:

    Content: I have made 3 posts of products with links to each product on Amazon. Each post is about 200 words (is this long enough?)

    Social- I have created a Tumblr account and queue up posts of cool pictures and gifs related to my niche (getting most of them from reddit)
    Set up a facebook page and have joined a few groups (will post a link to my page in these groups)
    posting on Reddit once a day (eye catching titles that will get clicks in relevant subreddits)

    Short term goals:

    Build up social: I've been using a trick with my other social profiles (mainly facebook works best) that is sending loads of traffic to my sites. If your niche has a tv show or movie or book that is related to your niche, then do posts like this in the groups (for example if my niche was related to the movie The Incredibles somehow):

    Mr Incredible vs Frozone...who would win???
    Like for Mr Incredible
    Comment for Frozone
    Share if they are both too awesome!!

    Then post a picture on your site and link to it on Facebook and it comes up with the post like this for example:


    (i just created this one very quickly)

    This has been totally working for me and tends to get loads of shares for your site if you post it in the right groups!!!

    That's about it for now, I hope if anyone is watching this they can give me some advice



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  4. Chillywilly1993

    Chillywilly1993 Affiliate affiliate

    It's been a week since my last update and I've still not got a lot to say for myself but here are some general highlights of what I've been up to:

    My tumblr account is growing very quickly with over 100 followers already who love reblogging and liking my posts
    Facebook page is growing too with similar numbers and enthusiastic followers
    Getting some attention from Reddit and sending a lot of traffic to my site

    I'm still nowhere on Google but I've only made 4 posts and when I look at the first page there is a Pinterest account and 2 Google plus accounts so I'm sure I will be able to get above them (surely!)

    So that's it really just building up my social profiles and letting my loving followers share my stuff around!

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  5. Chillywilly1993

    Chillywilly1993 Affiliate affiliate


    It's been a while since my last update but I will keep this brief...

    I've made a few sales from my site and I'm enjoying floating around the first few pages of Google for some of my keywords.
    Google + has been so helpful for getting me up there, and I know it has been Google + because I've only been using social media recently but especially G+.
    +1s are good but the REAL gold is in shares from well established accounts, it helps a lot.

    You might have also seen that I made a post the other day about doing an allintitle search. This is something I have been using recently and I'm enjoying using. Basically I've been targeting some really low competition keywords with high quality unique content so hopefully I should see some more returns from that.
    Allintitle is great but it's important to use this in conjunction with other research techniques and still check PA of the sites on the first page of Google, but the reason I love using this technique is it shows you pages that are ACTIVELY trying to rank for your keyword, and most of them are spammy as hell.
    This is nothing new or revolutionary (in fact it's pretty outdated in most people's eyes!) but seems to be working for me and if it makes me a few extra dollars a month I'm happy!
    Any questions I am happy to answer...

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  6. Chillywilly1993

    Chillywilly1993 Affiliate affiliate

    Hi guys

    Here is another update on my journey to rank on the first page for this website....and it's going very well.
    If anybody has been reading these you will know that I've been using Google + almost exclusively for building links, and it is totally working. I've always been using pinterest a bit just to get some variation, but all of my links are coming from social media (getting my content shared and repinned)
    This journey has absolutely cemented the fact for me that social signals and social links affect ranking in the SERPS, and i will continue to use social media for this purpose.
    I've been getting creative with my keyword research and have been targeting some reaaaaallllly longtail keywords that get ~50 searches a month with little to no competition
    Also a big change that I have made on all of my sites is writing much longer content, while still making sure that it is quality. So now I make sure that each post is at least 700 words long, which could be helping my rankings.

    So there we have my update good steady progress and I hope to be on the first page in the next few weeks!

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  7. TonmoyParves

    TonmoyParves Affiliate affiliate

    Hello Chilly,

    thanks for made this thread here. Aha, feeling lucky to become your first mate here with your jounrey :) And congrs for made some sales. Well, I'm also highly interested to start Amazon niche blog.

    I've few questions. Would you please like to response

    Here I'm sharing few things. First I go to Amazon dot com and then i picked up the Sports & outdoors sections.

    And now here are a lot's of niches also. Like:

    fitness, camping & hiking, cycling, winter sports, golf, running, swimming, football, sports technology, rugby, water sports ...

    Then, I go with camping & hiking . and now here are also a lot's of niches like:

    tents, outdoor clothing, bags & packs, sleeping gear, camping furniture, cooking equipment, knives & tools, lighters & fire starters

    1.Sports & outdoors sections
    2. camping & hiking

    Here, I've one question, Should I go with camping & hiking ? Can I tell this one micro niche or authority niche. As well on this there are also a lot's of niches. I've already shared ..

    Let's go to become more specific. Let's go with

    Knives & Tools. And here are also many niches like:

    multitools, folding knives, pocket knives, axes, cases and bags, lighters

    Should i go with "Knives & Tools" parts or the more specific niches. Here is a question,

    Knives & Tools, Is it micro niche, specific niche or what?
    well then let's go with

    Pocket Knives. So, now there are no more niches. I think this is last one. So, Should i choose this one?

    Or what i need to choose ?

    How you do Keywords research for your niche blog (Amazon niche blog) ?
    1. Primary keywords
    2. Secondary keywords
    3. Long tail keywords
    4. Long long tail keywords

    Whats steps you follow to find out your best keywords for your niches?
    whats seo metrics you follow to find out the best low completion keywords ? Like: PA, DA, PR, Site age, Backlinks profile of your competitors

    And you said with only 4 articles you generate sales? How is it possible? If you don't would you the answers my these questions.
  8. Chillywilly1993

    Chillywilly1993 Affiliate affiliate

    Hey man, thanks for being the first to comment, I appreciate the love!

    To address your questions, firstly I would say you want to pick a broader keyword for your domain name rather than going too specific. There are a few reasons for this:
    1. Having a really specific domain name makes you look really spammy, and although it might not effect your rankings too much, it could seriously effect the amount of people who click on your site in the SERPS. To me, I would much rather click on a site that seems to be a brand (in this example we could say HuntingKnivesWorld.com) rather then something that looks spammy (like folding-knives.com)
    2. You don't want to limit yourself too much. Your site could end up getting a ton of traffic and you might want to start writing content about other products in your niche, like multitools or axes, but if your domain is folding-knives.com, people might not click on you in the SERPS because they think your site is not relevant to their search query.
    3. I'm not really sure how important EMD or even PMD have these days. Google is much more likely to give weight to a brand than a spammy domain, plus it's much easier to market yourself on social media sites if you have a brand like HuntingKnivesWorld rather than folding-knives.com

    To answer your other questions, knives and tools is a niche in itself.

    Keyword research for me is pretty straight forward, and I don't use any paid tools. I think the most important part in keyword research is checking the competition. I use the 'allintitle' search query which you can read about above.

    I hope this helps man, feel free to ask anything else, I'm by no means an expert at this stuff but I'm having some success....anything for my first commenter!
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  9. Chillywilly1993

    Chillywilly1993 Affiliate affiliate

    Another post! It's been a good few weeks and the sales keep rolling in! I've been writing content for this site EVERY day (even weekends) and I'm still finding good low competition keywords to try and rank for, just by thinking outside the box a little. So here is a rundown of what is going on:

    Tumblr, Google Plus, Reddit and Pinterest are all going well - Social media in general is working very well and my follower count keeps growing.
    I'm using forums too to get links and new visitors. It's probably my favourite way of getting links and people to my site.
    I write about 1,000-2,000 words every day, and every post I write is over 600 words long.
    I'm averaging 1 sale a day since I started

    Hope you guys are well
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  10. game333

    game333 Moderator moderator affiliate

    Wow, you implement social media with blogging, you're a genius, I wanted to start a similar project.

    Can I ask a question, do you build backlink at all? Or just using social media?
  11. Chillywilly1993

    Chillywilly1993 Affiliate affiliate

    thanks for the reply man!

    I don't build backlinks in the conventional sense. I join forums and interact with them, and I use social media A LOT, and it definitely seems to work. This is especially true in very low competition niches (which is what I target).
  12. joinal abden

    joinal abden Affiliate affiliate


    I like your keyword Research Concept. The keyword should be broad and low competition is best for beginners.
  13. Xero

    Xero Affiliate affiliate

    Nice journey! I have one question: how do you grow your fb page? just joining related group in your niche?
  14. jamesbonner

    jamesbonner Affiliate affiliate

    wow that looks amazing, I'll keep follow your journey since it has a lot of good infos (like I like the idea of who gonna win)
  15. Chillywilly1993

    Chillywilly1993 Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the kind words!

    Yep that is a big part of growing pages. Join groups, and don't just post a link to your page straight away. Interact with the members, make them value and respect what you say. Then innocently post a link to your page, not saying that it is your own. Works pretty well in my experience.
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  16. Satish Ithamsetty

    Satish Ithamsetty Affiliate affiliate

    Awesome keyword research strategies and good planning

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