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Flyer Outsourcing Tips

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by Top Broski, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. Top Broski

    Top Broski Banned

    I haven't had any experience with outsourcing people to hand out any flyers. Do you guys have any tips or things to look out for if you do plan to outsource for this kind of job.

    Like is Fiverr ok to outsource with? Or should I find some more reputable people to use.

    Is there any way to really check that they did the job?
  2. terraleads
  3. mindseye

    mindseye Affiliate affiliate

    I have helped Bands promote using flyers out of town...

    I first like to find a local printer in that town, I try to work a deal with them, like their name on the bottom of all the flyers.. Some will go for it, others won't, you just have to keep calling..

    I like this because I can have the people doing the flyers pick them up at the printers. It's in both mine and the printers best interests as our names are getting handed out on the flyers.

    The people handing out the flyers:

    I first tried Craigslist, I had some success, but as well, I had some serious flakes...

    I haven't tried fivv for this, can't say..

    I had the best luck getting students from local colleges do the flyer handouts..

    I make sure they have a phone with a camera to document everything, even snapshot the mileage, they can fake it, but seems to keep the honest, honest.. ;)

    I do reimburse for gas etc.. I find that they usually have friends that will help. Just give them the area you want blanketed.

    You can get some great info from sales tax analysis if you want to really target.. ;)

    Also, Check with local papers about cost for adding inserts.. I like the free ones that deliver city-wide..

    Best of luck..

  4. ilovedesign

    ilovedesign Affiliate affiliate

    Agreed, students are usually great for something like this. Another way to connect with students is through organizations, churches, boys and girls clubs, YMCAs etc. The good thing about working with an organization is that you have one point of contact and they deal with the students on your behalf.

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