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Five basic tips for Search Engine Optimisation


With billions of websites populating the internet and increasing by nearly a million every day, the visibility of a new address is like spotting an amoeba in an ocean. On entering keywords in search engines, users will inevitably select the ones at the very top of the list. So under such competition, how does one get their site to the level of easy user access? This is where SEO or Search Engine Optimization techniques are coming into play. Companies are now spending fluidly in e-commerce Website Development strategies as well as hiring e-commerce website designers so as to push their websites higher up the rank.
If you own an online business and have been wondering how maximize optimization and web promotion, here are some e-commerce SEO tips which will help in boosting the traffic to your site.

·Blogging: Blogging is an excellent way to improve incoming traffic on your e-commerce site. Your e-store has an assortment of products and each has its inimitable features and benefits. Blogs also help you to introduce discounts and offers to attract customers. It is a great way to keep your customers updated about all the recent developments taking place in your e-store.

· Keyword is the KEY: Keywords play a central role in advancing your site’s content across the web, thereby improving its ranking. Be careful when it comes to choosing keywords. For maximum effect, use keywords that are related to your business. This said, avoid overusing words as that will only lead to junk matter, and repel customers from visiting again.

· Unique Content:Each product description (PD) on your site must be exclusive. Often, business owners fail to understand the importance of original content and purely copy-paste the PD from competitors’ sites. Search engines deal severely with sites which have photocopied content, and this affects your rankings negatively.

·Put in Descriptive URLs: URLs are responsible for the ranking of your site and therefore must be formed carefully. Avoid creating URLs that are collections of characters, symbols and numbers since they make it difficult t comprehend and remember.

· Make an Interactive site: In order to get noticed by online visitors, your site has to be interactive. This will keep them interested in what your site has to offer, and ensure that they keep coming back time and again. E-commerce website design templates are freely available online. You can take your cue from them when designing your website to make it as engaging as possible. You can open a feedback forum where customers can write their experience; this will help you to improve your site.


I think you should also add link building in your list. I believe link building has monstrous share of role in getting high PR.


These are some good tips, especially for beginners such as myself. I've also read a few tips which are related to what you suggest - they mainly relate to blogging though. Firstly, be sure to include all your keywords and phrases in the opening paragraph, and then again at the end. Also try and include them in your title, if possible. Also, comment on and interact with other blogs as much as possible as this helps create good backlinks.