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Finding Good Manual Comment Targets With Scrapebox

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by theta98, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. theta98

    theta98 Affiliate affiliate

    This is a guide for Scrapebox to find good niche related site that you can make dofollow high PR blog comments on with your URL. I have also provided tips which help you get approved comments. If you don't have Scrapebox yet it is really a wonderful tool with many other uses.

    Start by getting yourself some keywords related to your niche. I suggest picking 5 good quite broad keywords and running them through the keyword scraper. When you have a few hundred keywords you can start scraping. Some people recommend using public proxies but I've always saved myself the headache by having a few shared proxies from BuyProxies.

    Once you get your list of sites in the harvester remove duplicate URLs and start checking PR. Usually I check actual PR to avoid poor pages on good sites. I remove all PR N/A and 0 but keeping anything PR1 and above. You will end up with a few thousand URLs at this point.

    Navigate to the addons menu in Scrapebox and get yourself the dofollow/nofollow checker addon. You can start it from the addons menu and load the list of high PR URLs from the harvester. You will find around 100 dofollow high quality that you can now place your URL on.

    Do not discard your nofollow targets, simple run the fast poster on them. Chances are you will get a few comments approved even though you are sending spun comments.

    Use a real or made up name, do not put your anchor text as your name. You will most likely double your approval rate.

    Ask the blog owner a question, they will have to approve your comment to make a reply.

    Use this as a Scrapebox footprint to find blogs in your niche with high PR dofollow blog commenting allowed.

    "Blog at WordPress.com. The INove Theme."

    Enjoy, and if you have any question feel free to ask.
  2. newbidder

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