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Finally A Follow Along Jouney I Can Be Proud Of

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by Erroshay, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. Erroshay

    Erroshay Affiliate affiliate

    My Journey
    Gee whiz, where do I start....Do I start 8 years ago, when I first tried my hand at making money online and FAILED MISERABLY...even up to this very day...Nope, too much misery.

    However.....I am so glad I found Affiliate Fix....Finally I have a structured starting point, with tons and tons of valuable information, advice but most importantly GUIDANCE.

    BUT...before I am about to start my journey with Affiliate Fix....I have to tell you why it has taken so long in finally sticking to one direction. That is the "bright shiny toy" syndrome.
    More aptly put the "make money fast with one click of the button" syndrome. affliction, because boy I certainly need some help here.

    To this day I wake up to at least 60-80 emails (this email address is only 2 months old). Few are from forums I've subscribed to such as this one, but the majority come from...yep you guessed it. Affiliate marketers. Hence my problem. I have bought so many products, watched too many webinars, subscribed for free ebooks etc....etc...etc, that I now have so many bright shiny things to look at, it has made it so difficult to concentrate on which way to go.

    Just an example of the way my mind is (was) flitting about:
    JV affiliate > Social Media Manager > Video Marketer > Mobile CPA Marketing > CPV Marketing > TeeSpring > Dubli > Facebook Marketing > Twitter Marketing and even up to tonight I purchased another product to do with Webinars...You see my problem I've been having. Well not any more.

    I have chosen one direction to start with, become competent and master and that is CPV Marketing...again. My reason for choosing this. Well I am a complete newbie to this and it seems a lot less difficult to do.

    Finally I am able to connect the dots and begin to understand what is what, how it works and where to find the best advice and guidance on this subject. So here I start my journey.

    Today 24 August, I have compiled an understanding of the following:
    What is CPV Advertising
    CPV Advantages
    How CPV works
    How to make money with cpv
    Difference between KW, URL & RON cpv campaigns and Pros and Cons of each
    What is needed to create a highly optimized landing page
    Direct Linking Pros and Cons
    How to find high paying CPA Offers
    What tools are available
    How to understand and analyse campaign results (basic)
    Why your campaign may have failed
    What is a tracking pixel and how does this help
    Compiled a list of CPV Ad Networks (suggested by reputable marketers)
    Compiled a list of CPA Networks (suggested by reputable marketers)
    What hosting I will need.
    What tracking software I will need.

    So without going on too much..I am quite pleased with what I have achieved today and hopefully tomorrow I can post more.

    Short Term - Is to learn all that I can about CPV Advertising
    Medium Term - Start my first well informed and totally prepared CPV campaign
    Be prepared and proactive in identifying and solving any problems that could arise
    Deliver a Successful Campaign and Repeat.
    Long Term - Master CPV Advertising and then prepare to broaden my scope of marketing.

    Thanks so much for letting me ramble on and if anyone has any supportive advice for me please let me know.
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  2. adcombo
  3. Morticai

    Morticai Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Well it looks like you got the info down.

    Did you start running campaigns yet?

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