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FilmMovement Switched from CJ to MPORT

Linda Buquet

<strong><a target="_new" href="">MPORT Affiliate Network News</a> - <a target="_new" href="">Film Movement</a></strong> who was a Commission Junction merchant, has announced that they are leaving CJ?s platform and have transferred their entire affiliate program over to MPORT, the new rev share network of AzoogleAds. Mitchell Richler, the Director of MPORT quotes: ?We are very excited to be doing business with Film Movement and we are confident that our advanced technology and high levels of customer service will fill the void that FilmMoveMent has been feeling. We anticipate this to be a strong and mutually prosperous relationship as well as the beginning to a new trend.?

<strong>Reminder for Merchants - the <a target="_new" href="">MPORT Affiliate Network</a> </strong> has a special with <em>0 set up fees</em> and <em>0 maintenance or minimum fees</em> - through the end of March. Join Now and Save!


Ahh, OK. I was looking at the MPORT site and it came up blank. All that PR just lying least they could redirect you to AzogleAds! LOL!