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Few questions on tutorials and converting



them to affiliate sales.

Hello everyone,

I am new here and beginning my journey into affiliate marketing. My plan is to develop several niche sites based around my favorite hobby and connect them all via links to one another. I am going to use wordpress blogs in conjunction with php forums as my model. I want one of the major draws of my sites to be how-to write ups. These write right ups will show how to make something using products purchased from my affiliates.

My main affiliates require that you sign up with Commission Junction. It appears that they provide you with banner ads and links. Do you think that these links are embedded links, and I will be able to incorporate them into the text of my tutorials? Is throwing embedded links all over pages annoying to most users?

One of my main concerns with wordpress blogs and forums is that I feel that the affiliate banners may become lost if the page becomes too long. Is this just one of the givens of placing affiliate banners?

I am thinking that on the wordpress homepage I can probably just feature daily articles and then provide a menu on the right and left of the page. The menu will allow me to put affiliate banners at the top and bottom of each of these pages. Any experience with this anyone?

One final question: How do you protect your content from being lifted by someone?

Any advice would be much appreciated. I am looking through past posts for the answers and I will post if I find them so people can move on to other noob questions. Thanks


Affiliate Links

Hi! Let's see if I can help... Yes, It will get annoying if you have links showing all over the place on your blog. What you can do is hide your link, using some HTML you can make it that so when someone clicks on an affiliate banner it will take them to the site and you affiliate link will be embedded and drop a cookie so you will get and credit for purchases they make. Yes, It is a good idea to have banners to the left or right of your blog.. It looks nice and organized this way. You just don't want your visitor to think you are bombarding them with affiliate links.. some people see it as being to pushy and will just visit the site on their own with out going through your affiliate link.

Did this help any.. I hope so :)