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few question on Video Marketing

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by MrPRinson, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. MrPRinson

    MrPRinson Affiliate affiliate

    Hello guys and gals,
    I have a few questions regarding Video marketing(im looking for live action videos):
    1) Does it contibute to SEO ? If so, how ?
    2) How much money should I invest (for a local business)?
    4) Would it be benefical if I product the video myself ?
    3) Any recommendations? sites? Tips?

  2. terraleads
  3. Dead Pool

    Dead Pool Affiliate affiliate

    If you are thinking to rank your video on YouTube live videos are doing quite good. Yes, live you can easily rank live videos on YouTube and need to optimize the title and description as the standard optimization. For video marketing in local business investing depending on your niche and your location. If you are good enough in video production, then you should, but professional video producers are more preferable. Better to contact any video production house. For video production, you can use UpWork or Freelancer. This will help you out: Introduction to live streaming - YouTube Help

    Another one:
  4. MrPRinson

    MrPRinson Affiliate affiliate

    hey @Dead Pool , thanks for the links Unfortunately, I'm not good at video editing yet streaming live events seems easy.

    Actually I want to give you some more information about my situation. I am looking for a solution that will be engaging (with my audience) and that will convert them users, to customers. I have been trying to decide if I want to use a PR agency that will do local marketing or try to create some videos for myself and include them in a remarketing campaign.
    Regarding my first question, I thought that maybe videos can contribute to SEO.

    Anyhow, after endless searches, I found a company that create promotional videos for low prices ( 200$-500$~) which is cheaper then all of the Professional producers I saw.
    I really liked that they include matching banners to the videos (its all I need for adwords) What do you think about this solution? Chances are I will purchase 1 video from them this week.... please share with me your opinion :ninja:
  5. arush4491

    arush4491 Affiliate affiliate

    all question only one reply learn brief digital marketing and update.
  6. Dead Pool

    Dead Pool Affiliate affiliate

    Sound good that you have already found a helpful provider for video creation. Scrip is everything. What I suggest you can hire professional who are YouTube SEO expert. You know that without SEO everything is meaningless. You can easily find them from UPWork or Freelancer. Hope for the best :)
  7. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    Yes, the videos play a very important role in regards to SEO. In the event that you want your channel to be ranked higher, then you need to make sure that you have quality work. Also be sure that the words that you choose for the titles are key words so that you can boost the ranking. Yes if you have all that is needed to produce the video, then I prefer you doing it yourself. Start by doing it on your own then you can invest some helping hand later on.